Trump Is Going To Regret His Oreo Boycott Once He Hears About These Brand New Oreo Flavors

On yet another Trump-filled day in August of 2015, The Donald pledged to never let another Oreo cookie pass his lips.

“I’m not eating any more Oreos,” he promised to the rows of reporters assembled in the back of the room at the Manhattan Supreme Court while waiting to see whether or not he would be chosen to serve on a panel.

As per usual, he continued to chat on about a variety of subjects, including Mondelez International’s – the parent of Nabisco – recent decision to transfer some of its Chicago operations to Mexico.

“It’s such an American company,” Trump continued.

The move, according to Donald, would cost 2,000 American jobs. However, statistics show that the actual number of jobs lost would be closer to 600. In hopes of swaying the audience’s opinion that he actually cares about America and the hard-working factory employees, he vowed to stop eating Oreos forever.

When asked if he ate Oreos in the first place, he responded “More than I should.”

In 2014, Mondelez International employed 104,000 people worldwide, 13,000 of whom live in the U.S.

“Even once the new investment (which we announced in late July) is fully completed in Mexico (by mid-2016), we will still have significant Oreo production in the US, spanning our three biscuit plants in NJ, VA and OR, with dedicated lines in these facilities focused on Oreo production for the US market,” Laurie Guzzinati, senior director of corporate and government affairs for Mondelez, said in an interview with

Trump made a more complete statement regarding the move on Nov. 13.

“With Mexico, we have an imbalance of $45 billion and growing all the time, because Ford is moving there,” he said. “Nabisco, they make Oreos. They’re moving to Mexico. I’m never eating another Oreo again. I am telling you. Never.”

In 2009, the Republican nominee appeared in a commercial for Oreo Golden Stuff cookies.

Trump continued his redundant rant across the country.

Trump in New Hampshire, Aug. 14: “Did you know that Nabisco, Nabisco. Did you see it yesterday? Nabisco is closing a factory in Chicago, and they’re moving to Mexico. This big factory. And taking many jobs. I think they’re about 1,200 jobs going to be lost in Chicago. No more Oreos. They make Oreos, don’t they, right? No more Oreos. I don’t like Oreos anymore.”

Trump in Alabama, Aug. 21: “The other day, Nabisco, Nabisco, Oreos, right? Oreos! I love Oreos; I’ll never eat them again. I’ll never eat them again. No, Nabisco closes a plant, they just announced, a couple of days ago, in Chicago, and they’re moving the plant to Mexico. Now, why? Why? Why?”

Trump in Virginia, Oct. 14: “Nabisco. Oreos. Right, Nabisco? Right? Oreos! They’re closing their big plant in Chicago. They’re moving it to Mexico. I’ll never eat another Oreo again. Ever. Ever! So I’m going to talk to them. I don’t want their cookies made and sold there. I just don’t want it. It’s unfair to us. Chicago is losing this large plant. It’s going to another country.”

In June, Trump will be eating his words because Oreo has just confirmed the release of two brand new limited-edition flavors – Blueberry Pie and Fruity Crisp.

According to Food Beast, the Blueberry Pie flavor notes blueberry cream sandwiched between graham-cracker-flavored cookies, while the Fruity Crisp flavor, bears an uncanny resemblance to the cereal of our childhood, Fruity Pebbles.

According to Paste Magazine, the Blueberry Pie Oreos will be available exclusively at Target, beginning June 6. The Fruity Pebble-inspired Fruity Crisp Oreo will be available at Ahold, Wegmans, HEB, AWG, HyVee, Winn Dixie/Bi-Lo, Giant Eagle, Price Chopper, and Meijer starting June 1.

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