Tiffany Hendra On Cary Deuber’s Marriage Rumors: ‘We Are All Flawed’

Tiffany Hendra may have heard the rumors about Cary Deuber when she arrived in Dallas after a few years in Los Angeles, but she didn’t really indulge in the rumors. As Tiffany points out on her blog, Cary’s marriage isn’t really her business. Plus, the two women didn’t know each other all that well when Hendra returned to Dallas after years of supporting her husband in Los Angeles. Now that Hendra has gotten to know Cary, she still doesn’t feel it is right to judge her, especially since she feels that all of the women have their flaws.

According to a new Bravo report, Tiffany Hendra is now revealing that she wanted to get to know Deuber for who she is rather than through the rumors that she kept hearing. Of course, Hendra is referring to the marriage rumors she heard after arriving back in Dallas about how Mark was married when Cary met him.

“When I moved to Dallas, yes- I heard the rumors, but it’s none of my business! Even if it was true- I wouldn’t judge Cary for her past because I don’t want people judging me for my past either… and we all know how messy my past was. Get to know me for the woman I am today and I extend that same respect to other women,” Tiffany Hendra explains on her blog for the show.

Tiffany herself has revealed that her past is anything but pretty. She recently opened up about her previous drug use, and it’s something she’s not proud of. Maybe that’s why she’s so close to Locken, who has revealed that she experienced people on drugs during her childhood, and she did tell the viewers that she was molested on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas.

Even though Tiffany does have an interesting past, she doesn’t really take it out on her Real Housewives of Dallas co-stars. Locken is very aggressive with her co-stars, and sometimes, Hendra doesn’t quite understand why. But she’s happy to see that her friend is making peace where possible.

“Now that LeeAnne has humbly apologized to Brandi and Stephanie, I would love to see LeeAnne and Cary put things behind them too. Cary commented that LeeAnne should apologize for throwing things- yes, even LeeAnne thinks that and that’s why she apologized to the other girls. LeeAnne knows I don’t condone that behavior. Hell, LeeAnne doesn’t even like her behavior and she’s working on it. I’m proud of her for it. We all have to do the work. We are all flawed,” Tiffany Hendra points out on her blog, sharing that she has hope Cary and Locken can work out their issues.

And she was surprised to see Locken work out her issues with Brandi. Since the very first episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas, LeeAnne and Brandi haven’t really gotten along. Things escalated when Locken threw a drink at the ladies during a charity cocktail party, and the two haven’t really had the chance to work things out. But Tiffany Hendra is happy to see her friend work through her issues and make peace with her co-stars. And it is surprising to see Brandi Redmond being so open and ready for a peace offering.

“I love resolutions and was so happy to see Brandi and LeeAnne hug it out. They have SO much in common and sometimes the familiarity causes conflict. I’m hoping they can continue building trust and celebrating their commonalities,” Hendra explains.

What do you think about Tiffany Hendra’s comments about her Real Housewives of Dallas co-stars? Are you surprised that she’s happy about Locken making peace with the ladies?

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