Snooki Breastfeeding, Shouts Out Nursing Moms On Twitter

Jersey Shore‘s Snooki, newly a mom to son Lorenzo LaValle, has joined the ranks of proud breastfeeders, the reality show star has revealed on Twitter.

Yes, Snooki is breastfeeding and has forced us here at the Inquisitr to do what we have not to our knowledge yet done — give the orange-hued partier her due and a large amount of props.

Given Snooki’s vocal distaste of pregnancy and some of the things she said about motherhood before giving birth to Lorenzo, one might have stereotyped Snooki as a mom not interested in even giving breastfeeding a shot.

But it seems that even in the few days Snooki has been a mom to little Lorenzo, she’s mellowed out a bit. On Twitter, Snooki has admitted that motherhood (especially in the early days) isn’t exactly a walk on the red carpet and lacks glamor — but the star’s comments on nursing are pretty much by far and away the most interesting things Snooki has said in our recall.

Snooki’s admission followed a question from a mom on Twitter, and the mom asked:

Miss Polizzi happened to catch the original tweeter’s tweet, and summarily replied that not only is she breastfeeding, but she loves it! Snooki says:

And it gets better! Snooki revisited breastfeeding hours later, saying:

#BreastPump insteada #FistPump