Carrie Underwood Credits Fat Shamers For Getting Her Into Shape

Country singer Carrie Underwood is known for her muscular arms and long, lean legs. Now she’s opening up about the unconventional method she used to attain her super fit body.

The “Smoke Break” singer talked about the time when she was on Season 4 of American Idol and received rude remarks from online trolls and fat shamers who slammed her weight, even though she didn’t look heavy on the show.

“Back when I was on American Idol, I was a bit heavier than I am now. That was the first time I was exposed to the public talking about me, so it was impossible not to look online and see what they were saying. Apparently I was fat. Of course I wasn’t, but sometimes words people choose are not the nicest.”

Although the comments hurt at first, Carrie decided to use the negative criticism she received to change her diet and exercise regimen. She felt that the cruel remarks were a “wake up call” to change her whole lifestyle. Now she feels better than she ever did in her younger years. Carrie is now on a vegan diet and has designed a full-body mobile gym she uses whenever she’s touring the country.

Carrie Underwood

“I feel much better now at 33 than I did when I was 20 because I take better care of myself,” she said.

It should be advised that not everyone should feel the need to lose weight just because they receive cruel comments from fat shamers on social media. Underwood claims that her diet and fitness regimen also helped her bounce back quickly after the birth of her first child with husband Mike Fisher in February 2015. However, she admits that she has never fully recovered from pregnancy.

“There are things that are never going to go back – let’s face it. I am starting over with a new set of rules. But that said, at this point in my life, I have more of a shot at having abs. I feel like I have been working 10 years to have abs, so I am on the verge of real, you-can-count-them ones.”

Now, Carrie is dishing the secrets behind her strict workout regimen and diet. As the recent cover girl of Us Weekly’s Best Bodies Issue, Carrie revealed how she got those toned arms. She revealed to the magazine that she wanted to focus on her arms since they’re often the most overlooked body part. Most stars are often focused on getting lean legs and a flat stomach.

“I like my legs because I feel like that is the easiest thing to make pop. But my arms are a strong second. We have been working hard on them. I used to curl eight pounds and now I curl 20!”

Underwood doesn’t do pushups to get her arms toned. She uses weights throughout her 90-minute high-intensity interval training workouts with her personal trainer, Eve Overland. The ladies met up six mornings per week while Underwood is on the road for her Storyteller tour. Underwood revealed that she’s been doing strength training, which is not as easy as it looks.

“Lifting weights is something that I have gotten more into. I can’t lift super-duper-heavy things, but I am working on it,” she admitted.

Carrier will start out with smaller weights and work her way up to a heavier dumbbell. She also incorporates her weights into her leg workouts so that she can get toned all over. Carrie’s trainer, Eve, says that she often uses hand weights when performing squats, which are great for building arm muscle and definition.

Carrie Underwood

“Do you know that song ‘Shots’ by LMFAO? We do squat, squat, squat, squat-squat. We have it choreographed, doing fast squats and slow squats,” she joked.

Underwood’s go-to squat exercises include Bulgarian splits, weighted sumo squats, and tuck jump burpees. She’s also committed to eating as healthy as possible so that she doesn’t “feel awful the next day.” Underwood starts out by making breakfast her biggest priority of the day.

“I’ll do steel-cut oats, maybe a little maple syrup in it and berries, toast with Earth Balance vegan butter and some breakfast potatoes. Lunch will be some sort of grain like quinoa or brown rice with vegetables and tofu. And dinner is protein and veggies.”

What are your thoughts on Carrie Underwood’s workout regimen and diet? Do you agree that fat shamers can help motivate one to lose weight? Or, do you think that’s dangerous advice to follow by? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images for dcp]