The Doritos Taco Was Taco Bell’s Best Idea Ever

Taco Bell is always rolling out eccentric menu options to tempt college students into the “fourth meal” experience, but the Doritos Taco appears to be the company’s most lucrative move yet.

Yes, the masses love the Doritos Taco, a taco wrapped in a Nacho Cheese Doritos-flavored shell, and it has proven to be the company’s most successful menu launch in its history. More than 200 million have been sold since March, leading to a much-needed boost in revenue for the fast food chain. The Doritos Taco has proven to be so widely popular, that Taco Bell is considering rolling-out two new flavors for the taco, reports the Orange County Register.

In addition to the classic Doritos Taco, Taco Bell may soon offer the chili-lime Flamas flavor shell and classic Cool Ranch, and the new tacos are already being tested in some regions. Though Taco Bell refused to divulge which restaurants are testing the new flavors, some Taco Bell locations are offering the new Doritos Tacos in Orange County. There’s no guarantee that Taco Bell will opt for a full roll-out, but Cool Ranch has been speculated as the next logical flavor to be offered.

The Orange County Register managed to get their hands on the two new flavors, offering some insight on after a Doritos Taco taste-test. “I enjoyed the chili lime flavor of the Flamas taco shell over the less interesting Cool Ranch shell,” writes Nancy Luna. “The Flamas offered a two-dimensional flavor experience. At first, you taste a hint of lime with a bit of classic dusty red Doritos spice. Then, a blast of heat follows a few seconds later. It’s a great pairing with Taco Bell’s signature seasoned beef.”

Taco Bell is also reportedly trying out a frozen version of their exclusive Baja Blast Mountain Dew drink.

Are you a fan of the Doritos Taco? Are you hoping that the new flavors see a nation-wide release?