Alisan Porter: ‘Curly Sue’ Wins Season 10 Of ‘The Voice’, Adam Lambert Thrilled!

Alisan Porter, who you might remember as the adorable little girl in Curly Sue, is the Season 10 winner of The Voice. Her good friend, Adam Lambert, couldn’t be happier. According to Yahoo Music, the two have been BFF’s since 2004.

Watch this sweet blast from the past. Alisan Porter on Star Search.

Long before The Voice first aired, Alisan and Adam met while performing together at the Kodak Theater. The production was the musical, The Ten Commandments. Of course, at the time, neither of them had any idea of things to come and how reality TV would help to secure their individual success.

In addition to performing together in the musical, Porter and Lambert were involved in a glam-rock review called The Zodiac Show. Eventually, she also assisted him in co-writing one of the songs for his debut album.

After being crowned the champion of The Voice 2016, Alisan Porter was asked about her friendship with Adam Lambert and the support he provided throughout her stressful competition. She had this to say about that.

“I think we talked every single day throughout this process. And from beginning to end, with song choices, with outfits – he’s so particular! He’s just so supportive and wonderful. He has always, always supported me, always wanted me to continue trying to do this work.”

You might say the tables were turned, regarding Adam’s unofficial coaching sessions. When he was on Season 8 of American Idol, Alisan helped him choose songs and offered support as well.

According to People, Porter’s win on Season 10 of The Voice is also a milestone for Christina Aguilera. She is officially the first female coach, on the show, to be associated with a winner. When all was said and done, Aguilera proclaimed the outcome “a true victory for women.”

Alisan seemed to have luck on her side, right from the beginning. Her blind audition song choice for The Voice was “Blue Bayou,” by Roy Orbison. Not only did all four judges turn their chairs, they gave Porter a standing ovation. The audience also seemingly loved that particular performance.

This champion of The Voice happens to be a mother of two who is not ashamed to talk about her previous battle with alcohol. Porter admits to working hard every day in the attempt to avoid going backwards. So far, she’s been successful and doesn’t take her sobriety for granted.

The Inquisitr recently informed readers that, even though Alisan did some acting when she was young, she’s always considered herself a singer. She performed on Broadway twice – once in A Chorus Line, and once in Footloose. Singing has been her main focus over the past few years.

Alisan Porter readily admitted she was extremely nervous when trying out for a spot on The Voice. She told the judges that being there was a dream come true. She went on to say she always cried (at home) when watching the other contestants try out, and she hoped she wouldn’t cry during her own audition. She took a deep breath and sang. The rest is history.

Are you an Alisan Porter fan? If so, are you happy she won Season 10 of The Voice? On the other hand, would you have preferred to see someone else win? Feel free to leave your comments about Alisan Porter and The Voice below.

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