‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Sophie Turner On Why Sansa Lied To Jon Snow And Taking Control In Season 6

Bran and Hodor may have been the focus of the latest Game of Thrones episode, The Door,” but Sansa Stark, portrayed by Sophie Turner, also stepped up in a big way, even if her actions seemingly did fly under the radar.

The latest episode proved that Sansa is finally finished being a pawn in everyone else’s game. But her growing confidence has taken some time to build up. She hasn’t met the fate of other characters, like her father, Ned, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t suffered since Season 1.

In case you missed it and were only focused on “Hold the Door,” Sansa stepped up in a major way and forced Littlefinger to hear the atrocities that Ramsay carried out against her.

This was a particularly strong moment for Sansa since it was Littlefinger’s manipulations that eventually led Sansa to marry Ramsay.

“Did you know about Ramsay?” Sansa said to Littlefinger, states The Atlantic. “If you didn’t know, you’re an idiot. If you did know, you’re my enemy,” a stone-faced Sansa added while Lady Brienne looked on. “Would you like to hear about our wedding night?” she added.

While Sansa finally faced what Ramsay had done to her, she also forced an unwilling Littlefinger to listen. In all, the dim scene sends a clear message that while she is hurt, she is also a survivor who won’t be silent anymore.

Sansa Stark was raped and beaten by her husband Ramsey Bolton. [Image via HBO]
In an interview with LA Times, actress Sophie Turner discussed her character’s big moment.

“It was very empowering,” Turner said. “It was a big moment for her. It was kind of a moment where she’s voicing what everyone else is wanting her to say. [It’s] finally happening for her. It was a big thing for me, I think, because it was the first time that she’s really stood on her own and been true to herself and been unafraid to say what she wants and say what she means.”

Turner also claimed that the scene wasn’t difficult to film and that it was an emotional release for her character. But, as Winter is Coming points out, Sansa’s newly discovered confidence might be dangerous.

During such an empowering episode for Sansa, she also pushed Jon Snow into taking on the Boltons for control of Winterfell. But she also used her newfound confidence to lie to him about how she learned about Blackfish’s reformed army.

For those wondering why Sansa lied to Jon, Turner also covered that issue during her interview.

“She doesn’t tell Jon because — it’s difficult because she doesn’t have that Stark way about her anymore. She’s been broken down; she no longer feels like she can be completely honest with anyone, even her own family.”

Turner also added that Sansa “doesn’t want to tell Jon, I think, because she wants all the information and all the power in her court when it comes to Littlefinger. Because [with] Littlefinger she can kind of do whatever she wants with him now. He owes her big time and she wants the ball in her court.”

Meanwhile, for many fans, Sansa finding this new strength is a rare and welcome win for the women on the show.

Game of Thrones has been criticized in the past for the way some of the characters have been treated, i.e. women in particular. Blood, violence, and sex are all things depicted on the show, and often those things come at the suffering of some of the female characters.

Nevertheless, with Sansa finding her voice, that makes her one less woman who won’t tolerate being silenced any longer.

GoT fans tell us what you think! Do you love this new empowered Sansa Stark? Let us know in the comments and check out a preview for the next new episode below.

The next episode of Game of Thrones, “Blood of my Blood,” airs Sunday, May 29 on HBO.

[Image via HBO]