WWE News: Vince McMahon Reportedly Wants Former ROH World Champion Adam Cole In The WWE

When it comes to the world of pro-wrestling, WWE reigns above all as the pro-wrestling company in the world today. They are the most popular and successful wrestling business in the world. While they will say that they are “sports entertainment,” it is still pro-wrestling, people. While other companies like TNA and NJPW are good and all, and have their fans, WWE is the place to be. That’s why so many people make it their goal as a wrestler to make it to the WWE.

Former ROH World Champion Adam Cole has openly admitted this in the past. He has an interest in being with WWE and he is not shy talking about it in public. However, he also feels that he has a lot left to do before he goes to the company. Despite this, WWE does want him to come in.

According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon himself wants Adam Cole to join the WWE. He is apparently a fan. Vince wanted to bring Cole in and have him start with WWE NXT, which would have been a good plan. With so many call-ups set to occur due to the brand split soon, you kind of need to have Adam Cole around to help with star-power. His ability to perform in the ring and on the mic is rivaled by few outside the WWE.

Cole ROH
On top of all of this, his youth plays a big part in why WWE may want him. Cole is 26-years-old. The fact that he has done so much in the wrestling industry by this time has to be commendable. Some would dream to have his career even at 30 and up, much less at 26. As we know, Cole recently joined The Bullet Club and took on more time with NJPW along with his ROH commitments. The plan has been to use Cole as well as possible to not only keep him happy, but to maybe help Ring of Honor during their relationship with New Japan.

The problem is that NJPW seems to be walking all over ROH and the Adam Cole addition will certainly been a huge addition to New Japan’s television product, but it may only help Cole and not ROH. Of course, the booking and various plans have been New Japan heavy so far, so this is obviously not surprising to see.

As for Cole, his ROH deal is expected to be expiring in April of 2017. This means that WWE will not be able to sign him until after WrestleMania 33 at some point. He will be 27 by that time, and most likely 28 by the time he wrestles his first match with the WWE. His youth is helpful to WWE because they know that he has not been as beat up on the independent scene as others they have signed.

Adam Cole ROH Champ
While Cole has been injured before and worked a lot of matches, he would have only spent nearly 10 years in the ring before coming to WWE and not 14 to 17 like others they have brought in over the last few years. The ones that had youth on their side coming into the WWE now have big roles within the company. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose both came in before 30, and the WWE now uses them a great deal. Adam Cole could join them at the top of the roster eventually, especially if he does well with WWE NXT to start with.

While Prince Devitt was a big name coming out NJPW, once he became Finn Balor in the WWE, everyone seemed to want him on the main roster. We also know now that WWE does have big plans for him. Cole could take the Balor spot once he leaves NXT. Interestingly enough, he’s eight years his junior. We should certainly keep an eye out for Adam Cole joining the WWE. There has been interest between both parties, so we know that it’ll happen eventually. Just how much WWE will have to pay Cole to leave the independent world is not yet known.

[Image via ROH Wrestling]