‘RHONY’ Star Bethenny Frankel Explodes On LuAnn De Lesseps For Still Claiming Responsibility For Skinnygirl

Bethenny Frankel’s wrath didn’t end with her screaming match with Sonja Morgan.

While the Skinnygirl mogul berated Morgan last week about their conflicting brand names, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps found herself in Frankel’s cross hairs in the latest episode of Real Housewives of New York.

According to Daily Mail, the tension started to mount after a trip to Dorinda Medley’s home in The Berkshires. Frankel exploded on de Lesseps after the latter mentioned that she was mentoring Morgan.

“That is the craziest s*** I’ve ever heard,” Frankel told de Lesseps. “That’s really funny, it is like the blind leading the deaf.”

Naturally, de Lesseps did not let Frankel’s comment go without hitting back.

“Really? Is that what you think about me Bethenny?” De Lesseps responded.

From here, Frankel slammed Morgan for trying to copy her success with a similar brand.

“I am not remotely worried about the brand of this product,” Frankel explained. “It was the trying to get one over on me with a name that is similar and being cute and using me to get press.”

Frankel added that Morgan should have known better than to try and copy her brand. In fact, she even went so far as to call Morgan “stupid.”

“You are pretending you have an international lifestyle brand and all these businesses, then you are like you don’t know what it sounds like?” Frankel stated, referencing Morgan’s new brand of wine. “Pick a lane, you are either smart or you are stupid, call it Stupid Girl I would have more respect, or Drunk Girl.”

Bethenny Frankel didn’t stop there.

According to Us Magazine, Frankel erupted when de Lesseps still laid claim to Skinnygirl being an idea that she helped come up with.

“No, it wasn’t your idea,” Frankel said. “It was my idea that I told you about and you then told everybody else that you thought of.”

“We were together,” de Lesseps answered back.

“We weren’t together when it came up sweetie pie,” Frankel added.

Given Frankel’s most recent outburst, the Skinnygirl CEO is still upset about the latest hoopla surrounding Morgan’s new business. As fans will recall, the last episode of RHONY featured Morgan unveiling her new line of Prosecco, which she had named Tipsy Girl.

Sonja Morgan RHONY
The obvious similarity in name resulted in Frankel’s outburst last week. Now that de Lesseps is willing to help Morgan along, it’s unclear if her feud with Frankel will get resolved anytime soon.

As far as Morgan is concerned, she was not invited to the get together at Medley’s place. In fact, despite taking the non-invite in stride, it was clear that Morgan was unhappy with Medley.

In particular, Morgan was disappointed by Medley’s decision to take Frankel’s side in the matter. To make matters worse, Medley had invited Ramona Singer to the event, even though she recently kicked her out of her boyfriend’s party.

However, that didn’t stop Morgan and de Lesseps from hanging out earlier in the episode. While Frankel hosted a party of her own, Morgan and de Lesseps went out on the town for a few drinks. Of course, the pair also scoped out some men and discussed the other ladies on the show.

Based on the recent drama, it appears as though the ladies are starting to take sides this season. With the majority of the season still to go, there’s no telling what will happen next between Frankel and her new enemies.

The Real Housewives of New York continues Wednesday nights on Bravo.

RHONY fans tell us whose side you are on — Bethenny Frankel or Countess LuAnn? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Bravo]