‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Karen King Talks About Arrest, Fraud And Forgery Charges And How She Already Contacted A Witness

Karen King was arrested on Monday while she was hosting an event at the Level V Club in Atlanta. Karen was charged with three counts related to a fraud and identity theft scam where she is accused of stealing almost $5,000 worth of merchandise from Saks Fifth Avenue. Now the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star is speaking out about the experience and it looks like fans might get to see King’s trial on the next season of LHHATL.

It didn’t take long for Karen King to talk to VH1 about her arrest. In a long blog-style post on the network website, Karen told her side of the story about the embarrassing arrest and let’s just say she’s not screaming too loud about her innocence.

“Monday night I was doing my show and it was interrupted by the police,” King explained. “Of course, I didn’t know what I was being arrested for and there were so many police officers. In my mind, there were so many police officers because someone died. I thought, ‘Oh my God, did something happen to Sas?’ They come to tell me something happened to my baby.”

With her son, Scrapp DeLeon, already spending five years in jail for a drug trafficking conviction, Karen King’s instincts automatically led her to assume something had happened to her other son, Sas. It makes sense too, because Sas was listed as a co-host for the Monday night party called MMMob Mondays at the Level V club in Atlanta but he wasn’t there.

“When they got close to me, though, they asked, ‘Are you Karen King?’ I said, ‘Yes,’ and they said, ‘You’re under arrest.’ I was like, what?! Now usually if they arrest you, you have a mugshot or a picture from the warrant but they had a print out of the front page of my Instagram.”

It turns out that Karen King’s arrest stems from the confession of one of her supposed accomplices. King stands accused of purchasing nearly $5,000 in men’s clothing from Saks Fifth Avenue using the identity and credit cards of someone else.

According to the police report, Karen was in cahoots with one of her own employees who happened to be employed at Saks Fifth Avenue as well. Armani Cooper was fired from the high-end retailer for the incident in August of 2015 where he claims to have sold the men’s clothing to King, knowing good and well that she was not using her own identification or credit cards. Instead, the police report says King was posing as Diane Wodey instead. Cooper flipped on King when he was arrested during the investigation into the fraudulent purchase and says King paid him by splitting the purchase with him.

From the sound of it, the whole arrest and pending trial may end up on the next season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Karen King made it clear that she’s not going to just plead guilty and try to get out of jail time in order to make the whole legal mess go away. Instead, the LHHATL star says that she will take the matter to trial and make her former employee testify against her.

King also said that police advised her not to call anyone from the witness list in the Saks Fifth Avenue case. She admitted that she already called Armani Cooper and asked why he would turn on her like that. She said in the VH1 blog post that she warned the witness that she wasn’t even supposed to be talking to that she was going to make him go to trial.

Is it safe to assume that the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star was issuing a warning to Armani Cooper? It seems silly to take the case to trial when the police report says they have King on surveillance tapes making the purchases. Tell us what you think of the Karen King arrest drama in the comments section below.

[Image via Instagram]