Nevada Government Tweets Photo Of Rapper’s Dead Exotic Cat With Laughing Emojis

Love & Hip Hop star Mally Mall is furious after a photo of his dead exotic pet cat was posted by a Nevada government agency alongside laughing emojis. The cat, a Caracal named Nyla, was killed when a fire ripped through a bedroom in the rapper’s Nevada home. The exotic cat was found deceased at the scene and a photograph was taken of the body. However, it seems whoever was working the Clark County Nevada Twitter page made a horrible mistake when they accidentally posted the photo of the dead cat along with “laughing-so-hard-you-cry” emojis instead of the regular “sad” icon.

The Daily Mail reports that rapper Mally Mall was away from his Nevada home when a fire broke out in a bedroom. The rapper’s exotic pet cat Nyla was inside the bedroom when the fire took place and passed away in the b;aze. A neighbor saw flames and smoke coming from the Love & Hip Hop star’s home and called the fire department. Sadly, firefighters did not make it in time to save the cat and the Caracal was found dead at the scene.

A photograph of the Caracal’s dead body was taken at the scene of the fire and was later uploaded to Twitter by the Clark County Twitter page. The image showed the cat’s body alongside the caption, “#RIP, sweet #caracal that died in a #fire today.” The caption then included three “laugh-so-hard-you-cry” emojis before tagging the Clark County Fire Department and #Vegas.


The Clark County Nevada Twitter user quickly realized its mistake and offered an apology for the emoji mix-up. The government agency says they meant to use regular “sad” emojis and not the laughing emoji. However, rapper Mally Mall is still not happy.

The rapper said it was highly insensitive to post a photograph of his deceased pet without his permission. Even if the inappropriate emojis were not used in the caption, the photo was still not okay for public use. Mally said that it was not only insensitive but an invasion of his privacy to post the image of Nyla’s dead body to a public forum and that he expected more from the government agency.

Mally is now headed back to his Las Vegas home, as he was in Los Angeles at the time of the fire. The fire department has not released an official cause of the fire. However, it has been revealed that the fire appears to have started in a closet. A reported $1 million in damage was done to the rapper’s home in the fire, which took firefighters 20 minutes to control.

The rapper is known for his love of exotic pets and cares for numerous large cats, pit bulls, snakes, turtles, and other exotic creatures. In fact, the rapper is the one who gave Justin Bieber his pet monkey. Mally frequently posts photos of his exotic pets to Instagram and his big cats are a fan favorite. Bieber has also been featured alongside some of Mally’s exotic cats, which the rapper says love the Biebs.

None of Mally Mall’s other exotic pets were injured in the fire, and the rapper is now heading back to his Nevada home to assess the damage and to mourn the loss of his beloved pet.

What do you think about the Clark County Nevada government agency posting a photograph of the Caracal’s dead body without rapper Mally Mall’s consent? Is it an invasion of privacy, or were they simply trying to express their sadness over the exotic cat’s death?

[Image via Instagram/ Mally Mall]