Texans Want To Know Where The Internet Is And If Girls Poop

Texans want to know where the internet is located and if girls poop, according to a study of the most popular Google search terms separated by state.

The writers over at Estately, a real estate listing site, compiled a huge list of internet search terms and ran it through Google Search Trends to discover which questions each state asked more than any other.

The results were both sad and funny.

Residents in Texas asked where the internet was located, if zombies actually exist, and if girls poop; while insecure Florida users questioned why everyone hates their state and when opposite day is.

The question of the internet’s actual location has appeared in pop culture before and may be responsible for the high number of Texans searching for the answer.

Comedy Central’s show South Park questioned where the internet was during the 2008 episode “Over Logging” when the entire country lost connectivity and Kyle was forced to press the reset button on the big blue router in the sky.

Other search terms are a bit more confusing like residents in Wyoming who frequently Googled “What is Wyoming,” while people in Arkansas desperately tried to discover who won the Civil War.

Other internet queries were a bit more serious like Alaskans who frequently asked how to smoke salmon and residents of the District of Columbia who asked where President Barack Obama was today.

While some of these Google search terms may make you question the American education system, they’re at least good for a laugh.

Alabama: Who is Jesus?/Who owns FOX News?

Arizona: Who vetoes bills?

Arkansas: Who won the Civil War?/How to vote on The Voice?

California: Is O.J. guilty?/Where does bacon come from?/When is kitten season?

Colorado: Where is Waldo?/What is dry ice?

Delaware: How to get away with murder?

Florida: Is adultery illegal?/Where is Siri?/Are UFOs real?/Is magic real?

Georgia: Who created God?/Who is in the Illuminati?/Where is weed legal?

Hawaii: How to write a resume?/What is the meaning of life?

Idaho: Is Ted Cruz the Zodiak Killer?

Indiana: Do midgets have night vision?/Are aliens real?/Is Bigfoot real?

Iowa: Do penguins have knees?

Kansas: How to make meth?

Kentucky: How to pass a drug test?/What is catfishing?

Louisiana: When is Wrestlemania?

Maryland: Did O.J. do it?/Who unfollowed me?/Why do I owe taxes?

Massachusetts: How many beers in a keg?/Where have all the cowboys gone?

Michigan: Where is Canada?/Is Mr. T dead?/How to be a good girlfriend?

Mississippi: Who am I?/Is Obama the antichrist?/Are mermaids real?

Montana: How to move to Canada?/Is Bernie Sanders out?

New Hampshire: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

New Jersey: Is time travel possible?/Is weed bad for you?

New Mexico: How to be emo?

New York: Is Cornell an Ivy League school?/Who to invade next?/Who unfriended me?

North Carolina: Who is the antichrist?/Is Donald Trump the antichrist?

Ohio: Was Jesus white?

Oregon: Should I move to Portland?/Who is Ammon Bundy?

Pennsylvania: Do cats fart?

South Carolina: Is Google making us stupid?

Tennessee: Who killed Superman?/Who or whom?/Where do babies come from?

Texas: How does sex work?/Do I have herpes?

Utah: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck?/What about Bob?

Vermont: Where is my mind?/How to write a cover letter?

Washington: How many grams in an ounce/Is Ted Cruz Canadian?

West Virginia: Are zombies real?/What is normal?/How to last longer in bed?

Wisconsin: How to join ISIS?/When is American Idol on?

The quest for knowledge continues, one way or another.

[Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images]