Justin Bieber Makes Fans Wild With Nearly Nude Photo & New Girlfriend: Selena Gomez Cries On Stage – Watch [Video]

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have a romantic history that has captivated their “Jelena” fans for years. And even though the two singers currently are in an “off” phase of their on-again off-again romantic relationship, when news spread that Selena had been sobbing onstage, some fans speculated that she was crying over Bieber.

Instead, however, Gomez has a support group that isn’t related to her romance with Justin: A huge group of loyal fans. And she was crying on stage because a fan-organized project resulted in a display of “We Are Worth It” signs during her performance, reported Bustle.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are known as Jelena by fans who want them to rekindle their romance.
Currently on her Revival Tour, Selena was performing “Who Says” when the empowering display occurred. The usually polished and professional singer broke down, stopping her performance to try to hold back her tears and gaze at her audience in appreciation and amazement.

The lettering on the signs comes from the lyrics of her song.

“Who says / Who says you’re not perfect / Who says you’re not worth it.”

Watch Gomez experience the moment below.

Justin has his own Beliebers, and he just made them go wild by posting a nearly nude photo, pointed out the Mirror.

The 22-year-old “Sorry” singer has been indulging in some road trip relaxation with pals while sharing photos of their fun on social media. Most of the photos were all about the R&R.

But that semi-nude photo showing Bieber grabbing himself with minimal attire, however, got the wildest response. (You can view the racy photo here.)

“Mycalvins,” wrote Justin for the caption.

But his Beliebers had much more to say about the package in those Calvins.

Justin Bieber thrills fans with his minimalist fashion choice.
“WHAT YOU DO TO ME,YOU’RE KILLING ME WITH YOUR #mycalvins AND I WANT TO LIVE,” posted one thrilled fan.

However, some felt it was too racy.

“Why would you post this when you have little kids following you? I’m sorry but pop stars have to take SOME responsibility on the way they present themselves especially those with young fanbases. @justinbieber.”

In addition to sharing the cheeky photo, Justin upset some Beliebers by dating a new woman, actress Nicola Peltz. Bieber took the Transformers: Age Of Extinction star to Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills, California, reported Us Weekly.

Nicola chose a black outfit complemented with a shimmering white jacket, while Justin went for a casual look in his beloved hoodie and distressed denim.

The evening with his new gal pal was part of Bieber’s break from his Purpose World Tour, including jet-skiing, camping, and relaxing by the pool.

But for his date, it may have turned into a nightmare. After the news broke that Justin had dated Peltz, the actress was pelted with rude remarks on her Instagram account, pointed out Teen Vogue.

Rather than the start of a romance, that date with Nicola could just be a casual dinner between friends. Peltz is actually part of his circle of pals. Nicola’s best friend is Gigi Hadid, who in turn counts Kendall Jenner among her friends, which links Peltz to Hailey Baldwin, who has enjoyed a “non-exclusive” relationship with Bieber.


Despite the possibility that it was innocent, some Beliebers went wild slamming Nicola.

“JUSTIN IS TAKEN BY HIS BELIEBERS SO F**K OFF BYEE,” posted one angry follower.

But some defended Peltz, pointing out that it all seemed innocent.

“Why are you being so mean they aren’t dating (yet),” pointed out one commentator.

“another belieber or what are you guys named who come here with comments like : she’s not thet ugly but she needs to f**k off don’t get in a relationship with juju. Guys she was just out for dinner with him….she have a boyfrend actually (a hot one????)…it’s not like she’s going to marry justin just bc they have dinner once [sic],” noted another defender.

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