Anna Duggar Divorce: Rumors Of A Split Build After Couple Admits To Going To Marriage Counseling

Anna Duggar could be headed for divorce, with rumors of a potential split from Josh Duggar spreading after the couple issued a public statement admitting to going through counseling for their troubled marriage.

Anna has stayed publicly committed to her husband through his stretch of scandals, starting with an admission that as a teenager he molested a number of young girls — including his own sisters — and peaking when his name was outed as a member of the infidelity-promoting site Ashley Madison. Josh admitted an addiction to pornography as at least a woman came forward to admit to having an affair with Josh while Anna was pregnant, and Josh left his family for a months-long trip to rehab.

But now there could be new indications that Anna Duggar is leaning toward divorce. The couple released a statement admitting to going through marriage counseling in order to “rebuild trust and a truly healthy relationship.” Many took the statement as a sign that their marriage could be in more trouble than Anna has been letting on, and others saw it as a precursor to a potential divorce statement.

“As we enter into a long family weekend together, we want to thank each of you for the prayers, love and encouragement you’ve sent our way,” the couple wrote on the family website according to People magazine. “Since the residential treatment program ended, we have been working with a professional marriage and family counselor to take important steps toward healing,” they added.

While Anna Duggar has been steadfast in standing by Josh so far, there are reportedly many around her pushing for divorce, including some close friends and family members.

There are other signs of potential trouble in the marriage. A source told the Daily Mail last week that rehab hasn’t done much to change Josh Duggar.

“I was expecting Josh to be much more humble and quiet, a less arrogant person after everything he’d done, but nope. He was the same old Josh, constantly talking, full of himself, really aggressive and making Anna do everything — not helpful to her at all.”

At the same time, there are other signs that Anna Duggar is moving further away from divorce. A source recently told In Touch Weekly, via Hollywood Life, that the couple is actually growing closer and has resumed their normal sex life, with a potential pregnancy in the future.

“I would have hoped they’d have put the brakes on sex after he got out [of rehab], but they are back to their normal sex routine,” the insider revealed. “I would not be surprised one bit if Anna is already pregnant.”

If the pregnancy reports are true, there could be an ulterior motive for Josh Duggar. Celeb Dirty Laundry reported that Josh has been looking for a new opening into the reality television world after TLC canceled 19 Kids and Counting and is hoping that another baby could bring a new show.

There are other rumors that sisters Jessa and Jill Duggar have a similar plan. A report claimed that both of them are planning pregnancies and hoping that doing so could revive their reality television show that suffered sinking ratings.

But it can be difficult to separate fact from rumor with the Duggar family. There are no solid reports that Jessa and Jill are seeking pregnancies to bring them new fame, as the rumors originate from unnamed sources allegedly close the family. It’s also not clear if the latest divorce rumors facing Anna Duggar are true as the couple has been surrounded by a number of other rumors of a potential split that still hasn’t happened.

[Image via Instagram/Anna Duggar]