‘Reign’ Season 3 Episode 16 Spoilers: Mary Will Return to Scotland

After more than a season and half being in France, Reign will finally have scenes in Scotland as Mary returns to her home country. This will happen in Season 3 Episode 16, after she realized the week before that she had a chance to go home without a threat of harm.

Mary had to act quickly. With the loss of Francis, she couldn’t remain in France forever and wanted to go back home to rule her own country. However, there was always the threat of harm, whether from her own people or neighboring England. Lola tells her that there is an opportunity, as long as she acts quickly and as secretly as possible.

When Mary returns to Scotland in Reign, she will be shocked. The country is not the home she left or the place her mother told her about. It is treacherous waters and she will need to learn who she can trust. It is almost like an episode of Game of Thrones! To help find out who she can trust, she will pretend she isn’t a royal.

At first, she believes Lola is on her side, but she soon starts to debate this. It has been a difficult relationship for Mary and Lola throughout Reign, especially after Lola fell pregnant with Francis’ illegitimate child. However, Lola has always been someone Mary could depend on. Is this still the case now that they are back in Scotland, or will she find that her friend is now her enemy?

According to Master Herald, this is a big change for Reign, and will continue to set up the big changes and storylines coming in Season 4. Not only will Mary have to deal with a new country, she will also have to deal with new politics and a new court. On top of that, she needs to find a suitor; someone suitable for her station to give her an heir the country needs.

While people know how history plays out for Mary, Queen of Scots, Reign has always taken liberty with the facts. Is it possible that the show will set up someone different for the queen to marry? Will she still have the opportunity to marry Lord Robert Dudley to become heir to the English throne and then choose to marry her cousin Henry Stewart?

The rest of Reign Season 3 will also deal with the departure of Torrance Coombs’ character Bash. This is a fictitious character in the show, but one that fans have grown to love and are disappointed that he will be leaving. Coombs has decided to move on with other projects, considering it will be difficult to keep his character going with purpose in Reign without Mary in France. He does not have the best of relationships with Catherine.

Reign Season 4 will also see the show grow in terms of courts. At first it was just the French court, with mentions of others. This week will see the introduction of the Scottish court, and next year will see three courts in play. It is important to keep them all as characters have grown in importance and the courts will interact with each other throughout the next storylines.

Catherine will continue to need support from Mary, especially as the regency in France is in question. This will continue to play out for some time, with the story getting bigger as each episode airs.

Mary’s main focus will be settling in Scotland, though. She needs to find a suitor and settle the country, as Elizabeth of England is having inappropriate suitor after inappropriate suitor thrown at her. Reign Season 3 continues on Mondays on the CW.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]