WWE News: WWE NXT Tag Team Champions Jason Jordan And Chad Gable Set For Main Roster Call Up This Fall

WWE NXT has given us a lot of great talent over the past two years. The thought is that the company will continue to give us amazing names for the next number of years, which is terrific to see. The company is changing in a lot of ways soon, but the consistent greatness of NXT will help the company now and into the future. While everyone wants to know when Finn Balor and Bayley will make their way to the main roster, there are plenty of others from the NXT roster that are more than ready to debut.

Two people known as American Alpha in Jason Jordan and Chad Gable might be as ready as anyone right now. The current NXT Tag Team Champions have become massively popular down in NXT. No matter where the two end up, the fans cheer loudly for them. They get almost rockstar-like cheers when they come out, something that few teams can tout. They very well could be the most popular tag team in NXT at this point.

The greatness of the two men cannot go unnoticed. Jason Jordan is a former college wrestler with an amazing record. Meanwhile Chad Gable was also a great college wrestler, and also competed in the Olympic games. Both men are amazing in-ring technicians and are like machines in the ring. While that is more than enough reason to like them, they also have great charisma and mic ability. Before Gable came along, Jason Jordan was a great in-ring worker, but had nothing special about him that WWE could market.

Gable Jordan NXT
Chad Gable is able to bring out the great personality of Jordan, and the two play off of each other very well. They are now the perfect tag team, literally having it all in terms of what one needs to be considered great. That would make one think that they were ready for the main roster, right? It seems WWE thinks so. According to Cageside Seats, the plan has been to call Jason Jordan and Chad Gable up to the main roster this fall.

It is unknown if the brand split changed those plans, but it very well may not matter. There have been rumors that WWE will bring up a great deal of NXT roster members to help fill out the rosters of both WWE SmackDown and WWE RAW. It makes sense for them to bring up another tag team in American Alpha.

They have been linked to the call ups for a while now, but some thought that they would be delayed due to the amount of people already called up. On top of that, more were speculated to be called up this summer like Finn Balor, and another this fall in Bayley.

American Alpha NXT
The loss of the two top members of the NXT roster would surely mean that Jason Jordan and Chad Gable would be kept down to help out. There is a theory we could see them debut sooner than anyone thought due to the split however. Do not be surprised if they show up in July, just in time for the draft or right after it takes place. This would make the call-up even sooner than originally planned.

As for the NXT Tag Team Titles, it would not be shocking if Jason Jordan and Chad Gable dropped the them to The Revival at NXT Takeover next month. If they don’t, they may very well debut as the current NXT Tag Team Champions. A team outside of The Revival that could win the titles are the newly debuted TM61, known as The Mighty Don’t Kneel outside of WWE. It would not be a shock whatsoever to see the two of them earn a title shot for later this year and take the titles from Jordan and Gable to ultimately release the duo to the main roster completely.

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