Kendall Jenner Nearly Abducted At Cannes On The Way To Paul Allen’s Yacht Party

Kendall Jenner was nearly abducted in Cannes during the annual film festival according to The Daily Mail. The 20-year-old fashion model and Kardashian heiress had been invited to one of billionaire Paul Allen’s famous yacht parties. Paul Allen is the co-founder of Microsoft and known for his extravagant celebrations.

Paul Allen’s yacht party invitations are coveted, and the guest list is always exclusive. This year, Paul Allen’s Cannes party guests included Mick Jagger, Mark Rylance, Katy Perry, and Kate Moss, just to name a few. Kendall was probably very excited and eager to get to the party.

Once Harry Styles’ favorite date, Ms. Jenner is quite a socialite. She’s also a shrewd business woman and a highly in-demand runway model. Still, being invited to Paul Allen’s Yacht party is a very big deal.

Kendall Jenner was waiting on a jetty for a small boat to arrive to take her out to Paul Allen’s 400-foot yacht, the Octopus. A small boat did stop for Ms. Jenner, but after she got on, she realized too late that it was not the right boat. These men did not know Paul Allen nor were they going to take her out to the yacht. Kendall was frightened. The men on board took her for a short ride out into the Mediterranean Sea. They even took her to another ship, that was not nearly as large or as nice as Paul Allen’s yacht, before deciding to return her to the Jetty. The video below shows photos of what happened.

Thankfully, Kendall Jenner was returned unharmed. The motivations of the men who took her are still unknown. Ms. Jenner was photographed getting onto the boat, and the men’s faces were clearly visible in the pictures. The men obviously knew they were being photographed. For all anyone knows, that is all that saved her from being abducted. It is also possible that the men meant no harm and only wanted to meet the lovely young runway star. No one really knows what prompted Kendall’s would be abductors to take her or to let her go, but it could have gone very differently had they not returned her.

Kendall Jenner was returned unharmed, and everyone is thankful she is safe. There has been considerable speculation about why she was taken in the first place. Some are calling it a prank.

Isle of Cannes by MarinaDa Shutterstock c
Harry Styles’ Yacht dates with Kendall even figured into the speculations of Hall Of Fame Magazine. Their writers suspect that the young pirates stole the model so they could pretend to be Harry Styles on a yacht date with Ms. Jenner. If so, they were living their dream until Kendall demanded to be returned to the Jetty.

Kendall was certainly not dressed for climbing in and out of small boats. Her delicate stiletto sandals would have made it hard to gain footing. Pictures show her being assisted onto the boat. She was also wearing a lace dress from Elie Saab’s Couture Spring 2015 collection.

Kendall Jenner [Photo by Peter Michael Dills/Getty Images]
The French Riviera resort town of Cannes has been preparing for potential terrorism, abductions, and hostage situations at the festival, but thankfully no incidents have occurred so far. Police staged practice scenarios prior to the event according to The Daily Mail. Authorities anticipated terror threats during this week. No one, however, thought some sailors might abduct a Kardashian from a jetty.

Kendall Jenner was eventually picked up by the right boat and taken to the Yacht party. Nothing bad really happened to Ms. Jenner, but it was unnerving and hopefully, she will be more cautious in the future.

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