Is Kim Kardashian Really Telling Kanye West He Can’t Tour?

Kim Kardashian is putting her foot down and doesn’t want Kanye West to go on tour. At least that’s what Radar Online wants you to believe.

“Kim Kardashian does not want Kanye West keeping up with his fans! Though the rapper is notoriously broke, his reality star wife has forbidden him from going on tour this year, sources exclusively tell”

The article quotes an “insider” saying that Kim wants Kanye to stay home or travel only with her because she’s sick of him not being around. Commenters after the article are suspicious of the claims.

“This story is just more of the childish BS that they feed the public everyday. Kanye isn’t going to be on tour because these days he only loses money. Kim wants to move back to Mom’s house so Mom will babysit. The truth is the exact opposite of these stupid stories,” claims a user who calls themselves “Comment.”

“Oh again, BS ROL enough of these stupid stories!!! She could care less if he toured, if he cheats or if he dies!!” says Justmyopinion.

It ends up that the commenters are right and the story is untrue — at least according to Gossip Cop.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West
“Kim Kardashian has NOT ‘forbidden’ Kanye West from going on tour, despite a report from a webloid that has been repeatedly caught telling lies about the couple. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this latest untrue story,” claims gossip busting maven Shari Weiss.

Weiss adds that because West doesn’t have a lot of concert dates lined up right now, Radar Online has found a way to manipulate the situation. At least they weren’t the ones who started the rumor about Kim Kardashian kicking out Kanye West after his rants on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Gossip Cop has the news.

“It’s alleged in Wednesday’s new issue of In Touch that Kardashian was ‘so mortified’ by West’s lengthy speech on the talk show that she threw him out of their Bel-Air manse. A so-called ‘source’ is quoted as saying, ‘His stuff is being moved back into his Hollywood Hills house. Kim told him he owed Ellen a huge apology.'”

However, the gossip-busting site says the story is completely make believe.

“Kim Kardashian did NOT kick Kanye West out after his ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ rant, despite a patently false tabloid report. Gossip Cop can easily bust the story,” says Shari Weiss, who adds that Ellen actually tweeted how happy she was to have Kanye on her show later in the day.

Kanye West Kim Kardashian
One story about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian that doesn’t appear to be made up is the news that the couple has threatened to sue their ex-bodyguard for $30 million. TMZ broke the news on this story.

“Kim and Kanye have threatened their former blabbermouth bodyguard with a $30 million lawsuit, and he’s gotta drop to his knees and apologize. We’ve learned Kim and Kanye’s lawyer has fired off a letter to Steve Stanulis… the bodyguard who went to anyone who would listen, claiming he was fired for chatting up Kim on the job and making Kanye jealous. Kim and Kanye have both said it’s a complete lie.”

The article added that Stanulis could be in trouble, especially since he signed a confidentiality agreement. He can allegedly get out of legal troubles if he admits that he made up lies about the couple. Will Kim and Kanye sue Radar Online next?

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