Did Kim Kardashian Forbid Kanye West From Going On Tour?

The rumor mill is buzzing that Kim Karadashian forbid Kanye West from going on tour, but is there any truth to it or is just another rumor plaguing the famous couple?

According to a new report by Radar Online, Kardashian is laying down the law to her husband and that means no more touring for West for the rest of the year. The website claims that the reason Kanye currently only has one concert scheduled is because his wife is forbidding him to tour.

An unnamed source has reportedly spilled the beans to the webloid that Kardashian has put her foot down when it comes to her husband being on tour. Now the site lists a couple of reasons for Kim putting the kibosh on her man being on the road and to be honest neither of them sounds completely ridiculous, especially when it comes to Kardashian.

A family insider, which is what Radar Online calls their source, is claiming that Kim only wants Kanye to travel with her. Otherwise she wants him at home with her, North, and baby Saint. The site also claims that Kardashian is afraid that a marriage with too much distance could cause her husband to cheat. There is even a remark about how Kardashian’s fear of West cheating is prompted by Khloe, who is still scorned from being cheated on.

While the rumor that Kim Kardashian forbid Kanye West from going on tour for the rest of the year makes a great headline, website Gossip Cop has squashed it quickly. The reputable website revealed that a rep for the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has called the Radar Online story completely fake. An official statement from the rep was not given but since the rep is constantly having to deny false reports, confirming it is fake seems to be the easiest way to put it to rest.

This is just the latest rumor surrounding Kimye. Every day the couple is faced with a new rumor regarding the state of their marriage. The Wests just celebrated two years of marriage but that doesn’t seem to stop the internet from buzzing about the possible demise of their relationship. As of now, though, the power couple seems to be proving all those haters wrong. Two years of marriage is like a record for Kardashian, so they must really be a match made in heaven, right?

Despite recent reports Kim Kardashian did not forbid Kanye West from going on tour. However there is a reason that this latest rumor could be one of the easier rumors to believe and it involved Kim’s diva behavior. She had someone come to her house and put on a fake baby bump and pose in possible outfits for the reality star when she was pregnant. Therefore, the fact that she would actually stop her hubby from touring does not seem that far fetched. On the flip side, considering how outspoken and blunt West is, it is hard to believe that anyone can tell him what to do.

Even though the rumor that Kanye West was forbidden from going on tour by Kim Kardashian turned out to be just a rumor, that doesn’t mean it will be put to rest. The next time West decides to take a break from touring to focus on his family, this rumor will no doubt be front and center again.

What do you think about the latest “Kimye” rumor? Did you think there was a possibility that that Kim really did stop Kanye from going on tour? Tell us your thoughts in the below comments section.

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Staff/Getty Images]