May 27, 2016
Lionsgate Reveals There Could Be As Many As Seven 'Power Rangers' Movies

When it was revealed that there would be a new Power Rangers movie coming forth from Lionsgate, many had their doubts. They weren't sure if yet another franchise from the past could be brought back to life and made into something big, but the studio is certainly going to try. Well, it looks as if there is a lot of faith in the Power Rangers, as now there could be as many as seven films in the franchise and have it live on for a long time.

Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer is putting a lot of confidence and hope into the Power Rangers franchise, and it's believed that it will indeed be successful. Variety is reporting that Feltheimer believes so much in the revitalized superheroes that there is a long future already in the plans.

"We are really, really excited about the 'Power Rangers' movie. We could see doing five or six or seven."
Maybe that's just having plenty of confidence and support for your own project or maybe it is wishful thinking on the part of Feltheimer. Either way, he put it out there during a conference call on Thursday and believes the positive reaction to the team's new costumes will keep growing.

lionsgate seven power rangers movies logo
[Image via Lionsgate]As reported by CNET, the reboot of the Power Rangers was first revealed earlier this year, and the costume unveiling just happened. The new suits are similar to the original look of the TV show and first feature films but updated with a crystallized and modernized style.

Gone are the days of spandex and motorcycle helmets, as Lionsgate ushers in the new era of the Power Rangers.

The announcement of numerous films in the years to come could be Lionsgate's way of trying to compete with Disney/Marvel and Warner Bros./DCEU and their comic book movie schedule. Universal just recently jumped into the game with the reboot of their classic movie monster franchise that will span numerous films.

Power Rangers will follow five everyday high school kids who soon learn that their small town and the entire world is under threat of extinction from an alien race. They must become unique and special forces in order to save the world, and destiny has chosen them to be the saviors -- the Power Rangers.

lionsgate seven power rangers movies logo team
[Image via Lionsgate]Power Rangers will star a number of relatively unknown actors and actresses in the main roles, but they do have some work under their belts.
  • Jason the Red Ranger - Dacre Montgomery
  • Zack the Black Ranger - Ludi Lin
  • Billy the Blue Ranger - RJ Cycler
  • Kimberly the Pink Ranger - Naomi Scott
  • Trini the Yello Ranger - Becky G
Elizabeth Banks is set to star as Rita Repulsa, the main villain who will oppose the team. Power Rangers is currently filming in Vancouver and it is set to hit theaters on March 24, 2017.

If Power Rangers can actually make it through to seven theatrical films, it would be in good company with the likes of Star Wars and the Fast and the Furious franchise. Starting out, though, Lionsgate is betting on the first Power Rangers movie being one that is extremely successful.

In order to bring about multiple sequels, success is what's needed and absolutely necessary.

For many years, the Power Rangers were a great force on television, in theme parks, as toys, and in the world of comic books. Their popularity has faded over time, but Lionsgate feels as if they are a worthy enough brand to give them a comeback. Things are going to begin with the Power Rangers feature film in 2017, and if the studio gets the reaction they're hoping for, then at least six more films could come after it.

[Image via Lionsgate]