Ben Higgins And Lauren Bushnell Headed For A Split? 'The Bachelor' Star Still Not Over JoJo Fletcher

Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell haven't been able to escape break up rumors following the end of The Bachelor.

Although the two have managed to stick together so far, new reports indicate their relationship might be in trouble over Higgins' feelings for his runner-up and current star of The Bachelorette, JoJo Fletcher.

According to Game N Guide, Higgins and Bushnell have been arguing nonstop over Fletcher, who has been allegedly texting Higgins while her season of The Bachelorette continues to unfold.

Bushnell is understandably upset with Higgins because he continues to communicate with Fletcher. Things have reached a point where Bushnell now wants out of the engagement.

As fans will recall, Fletcher made it all the way to the final round last season on The Bachelor. Although Higgins ultimately picked Bushnell, he did tell Fletcher that he loved her too.

This isn't the first time Higgins has reportedly "cheated" on Bushnell. During his stint on The Bachelor, Higgins allegedly talked with his ex-girlfriend from college.

'Bachelorette' JoJo Fletcher Threatening To Quit The Show? Ben Higgins' Runner-Up Has Some Diva Demands [Report] [Image via Twitter]
JoJo Fletcher [Image via ABC]To add to Bushnell's unhappiness, the reality star is reportedly tired of living in Denver and wants to move back to her home in Los Angeles.

That being said, Higgins and Bushnell are still very much together. In fact, according to Daily Mail, the engagement is still on and they are planning on televising the wedding in the months to come.

"[Higgins and Bushnell] will get married very soon," an insider shared. "It would be an ABC special."

Bushnell recently revealed her plans for a wedding and confirmed that she and Higgins want to have the ceremony televised.

"I always wanted a summer wedding. We want to share our life with everyone who's been supportive, and that includes Bachelor Nation," Bushnell stated.

At the same time, an inside source told ET Online that Higgins and Bushnell are very much in love.

"They are both so in love with each other and will definitely be one of the few couples to make it from the show," the source revealed.

As far as Higgins is concerned, Movie News Guide is reporting that The Bachelor star is more than eager to tie the knot with Bushnell.

'The Bachelor' Ben Higgins 'Devastated' Over Lauren Bushnell's Dark Past, Couple On The Verge Of A Split? [Image via ABC]
Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins after the proposal. [Image via ABC]"Hopefully soon, like, very soon. When I say soon, I would love to say early 2017, [late] 2016," Higgins said, adding that a televised wedding is on his radar as well. "We're open to it, I think it'd be fun."

By all outward appearances, it appears as though Higgins and Bushnell's wedding is still on. Of course, a different story might be unfolding behind the scenes. Until the two officially exchange vows, it's anyone's guess what will happen.

Meanwhile, Fletcher's time on The Bachelorette has just begun. So far, the clear frontrunner for Fletcher's final rose is Jordan Rodgers, though there are a few other men who might make the competition interesting.

Although Fletcher was impressed by Jordan during their first outing, James Taylor also managed to stand out. In fact, Fletcher shared how Taylor's singing "melted" her heart and that "he is one of the most sincere, genuine men I've ever met."

Of course, many still think that Jordan will end up winning the competition. Not only is his brother a famous quarterback in the NFL, but Jordan also managed to squeeze out the first kiss with Fletcher.

Jordan Rodgers of 'The Bachelorette'
Jordan Rodgers [Image via Instagram]For many fans, the only real question remaining is whether or not Fletcher and Jordan will get engaged by the show's finale. If she truly is over Higgins, then there is a good chance a wedding is on the way.

Fans can watch Fletcher narrow down her list of suitors when the next installment of The Bachelorette airs Monday night on ABC.

Bachelor Nation let us know what you think! Will Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell tie the knot? Tell us in the comments below.

[Image via ABC]