Luis Ortiz Ready To Find Love And Settle Down: How He Felt Watching ‘MDLNY’ Episode

Luis Ortiz is back on Million Dollar Listing: New York, and he’s learning more about the real-estate world this season than any other. He’s learning how to negotiate better, how to push his clients into taking a great deal, and learning how to listen to his own heart. And all of these issues were apparent on last night’s episode of the show, as he negotiated an outstanding deal, learned what his mistake was, and then realized how lonely he was when it came time to celebrate. Luis opened up about wanting to find the right lady and realized that he had to prioritize dating.

According to a new Instagram post, Luis Ortiz is now revealing that it was emotional to watch last night’s episode of Million Dollar Listing: New York. During the episode, Ortiz revealed that he doesn’t always realize what he shares on the show, and he started crying when he thought about how lonely he was. When the episode was over, Luis Ortiz decided to open up on Instagram about how he reacted after sharing the news that he was lonely at times.

“I hope you enjoyed tonight’s episode. Watching it live with all of you has been a hell of a feeling! The truth is you put yourself in front of these cameras, sharing every moment of your journey in business and in life is beautiful but scary. Sometimes, when I’m not sure I’ve said things I wanted to say at the time I said them, i remind myself that moments like tonight when the world is watching at the same time and are going through what you go through with you are worth being as open and as honest as I was when filmed them. It was a very intense episode and I’m glad I didn’t went blank on Steve Witkoff! Thank you for watching and good night,” Luis Ortiz revealed on Instagram.

This isn’t the first time that Luis has talked about finding love. Last season, Ortiz actually gave himself some time to date, but the time wasn’t right. Luis kept thinking about the deals he had to make and the paperwork he had to complete, and during one scene where he was dancing on a rooftop with a beautiful woman, he left her behind to go make phone calls. Fans clearly want him to find love, and he received many supportive messages after sharing last night’s message.

“I know I only see bits and pieces of you about less than an hour a week, but I truly believe you are as genuine and humble in real life as you are on camera. Maybe it’s good that you put all of you in your career and success first. So that when time comes, and she finally arrives, she will have all of you and you’re not wrapped up in your career trying to make it because you already have. Best wishes and good luck,” one person wrote in reply to Luis Ortiz‘s update, and many other fans shared the same position.

Luis’ co-stars are already in stable relationships. Fredrik Eklund married his husband, Derek Kaplan, a few seasons ago, and they are sharing their journey to become parents. Ryan Serhant was single when he started filming the show, but things fell into place for him when he met Emilia Bechrakis. Ryan made headlines when he shut down Times Square to propose to her, and the two are getting married this summer in Greece. Maybe Ortiz just wants to find that special someone as well.

What do you think of Luis Ortiz’s emotional confession on last night’s episode? Do you think he will find the one very soon?

[Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation]