Adam Sandler Once Had To Stop Chris Farley From Attacking David Spade On ‘SNL’

Adam Sandler revealed something interesting which might make you see Tommy Boy in a whole new light. While they were working on Saturday Night Live, Chris Farley’s allegedly violent temper nearly drove him to attack David Spade.

It seems Farley’s role in Billy Madison was a bit closer to his actual personality than we’d thought. In that film, he played a bus driver who hated children so much that their usual behavior made him furious. Sandler may or may not have been inspired by this when he played Happy Gilmore, a golfer whose love for hockey made him a loose cannon, rivaling “Shooter” McGavin.

"Shooter" McGavin, Happy Gilmore's rival in the film
“Shooter” McGavin, Happy Gilmore’s rival in the film [Image via Universal Pictures]
The late comedian’s alleged anger issues toward David Spade were probably the biggest reason Adam Sandler never cast them together in the same movie. They weren’t enemies, though, according to the Do-Over star. Farley and Spade were actually best friends, but something almost drove the former to attack the latter, and Sandler had to talk him down, Sandler mentioned on Thursday’s Conan.

“It doesn’t make any sense. If you knock him out, you’re known as a jerk. And if you lose, my God, you’re known as just a giant p****.”

It does make sense that they would fight occasionally, since that’s what best friends often do. As Will Ferrell’s Anchorman character would say, at one point it escalated quickly.

David Spade had received a terrifying voicemail from Chris Farley telling him he wanted to punch him. The next day, Spade decided to steer clear of his temperamental co-star, even after Farley apologetically asked him if he got his “joke message.”

Of course, fans today have claimed to feel the same way about Adam Sandler, whose film career started recycling his sophomoric humor and audiences got tired of it. His most loved characters on Saturday Night Live often had him singing, sometimes in opera, and other just silly songs about Hanukkah and the school cafeteria lunch lady.

Sandler continued with the singing comedy when he made The Wedding Singer with Drew Barrymore, and there was a silly musical in Billy Madison, which audiences often claim to be one of his best films ever. Then, he started capitalizing on his goofiness, making several movies where he was a childlike adult and everybody threw around sex and fart jokes.

Around the Grown-Ups era, Adam Sandler had made a bad name for himself. Admittedly, The Ridiculous Six didn’t have him play a goofy character at all, but there were still plenty of gross jokes thrown in.

Chris Farley was one of those comedians whose physical humor even made Sandler laugh. His temper may have been detrimental, as his death in 1997 was brought on by an alleged drug overdose, possibly complicated by advanced atherosclerosis (a circulatory condition).

David Spade has made a comeback in recent years, though, reprising his role as Joe Dirt much to the annoyance of critics. Fans might get a kick out of the way it keeps much of the same humor as the original, though professional critics have said it was slapped together in a hurry.

We can see Adam Sandler and David Spade once more in the upcoming The Do-Over on Netflix, which still has fans unconvinced that he’ll ever be a good director or producer again.

Are you surprised to find out that David Spade and Chris Farley were not only best friends, but almost came to blows, only to be stopped by Adam Sandler?

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