One Of The ‘Bering Sea Gold’ Captains Will Hit The Motherlode On The Season Finale

Charlinda Robinson - Author

Oct. 31 2016, Updated 3:00 p.m. ET

Each season, fans of Bering Sea Gold watched as the captains and their divers went through plenty of ups and downs, both in terms of fickle weather, equipment failures, and gold totals. This season, some of them pursued new ventures, hoping to hit the motherlode that could literally change their lives.

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Bering Sea Gold’s Zeke Tenhoff, with help from brother Gabe, went “corporate” with the Havilah. Despite wanting to impress his bosses, the job was stressful and the gold proved to be elusive. As a matter of pride, Zeke scrambled and managed to bring in almost 100 ounces of gold for the corporate mining operation. Now, at the end of the season on Bering Sea Gold, Zeke finds himself looking for a new diving job and reluctantly begins to rethink Emily Riedel’s offer of a job on her dredge the Eroica.

This season on Bering Sea Gold, Emily had Daryl Galipeau back working for her until a serious car accident took him out for the rest of the season. When her new diver, Nick McGlashan, had to return to his regular job fishing for crab on the Bering Sea, she turned to former flame Zeke for help.

After asking the Tenhoff brothers to come work for her, Zeke made demands that Emily wasn’t willing to agree to, and they parted ways. Now that Zeke needs work, he decides to accept Emily’s offer, even though he says it’s beneath his dignity to do so. She readily agrees to take him on as her new diver, and he mentions while diving that he is getting 60 percent of any gold he recovers for Emily.

The Pomrenke’s went looking for gold on land, and after a major argument erupted between father and son, they managed to get on the gold and had some impressive success. After helping his father, Shawn “Mr. Gold” Pomrenke now turns his eyes toward an area called the Bluff, which he wants to dredge using the Christine Rose.

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Although every crew on Bering Sea Gold is bringing in at least some gold, according to a May 20 post on the show’s Facebook page, the Pomrenke’s are in the lead at this time with the Christine Rose and their inland mining operation. So far, his new venture on Bering Sea Gold doesn’t seem to be panning out, but he’s just getting started at the Bluff. Could he be the one who literally strikes gold?

After a late start and problems acquiring a new boat, Bering Sea Gold veteran Vernon Adkison finally put his “golden seahorse” to work and was hoping he would strike it big. He needs to recoup the million-dollar investment he’s funneled into his mining operation, but that’s not going to happen on this season of Bering Sea Gold.

Before he could go back out with his cutting-edge $250,000 dredging machine, the company that owns it shut him down. Vernon is the first captain who is finished for this season, but he vows to never stop fighting and that he will return.

The “fighting” Kelly’s were off to a rocky start at the beginning of the sixth Bering Sea Gold season, which led to blows being exchanged between Andy and his father. Once the dust settled, the three men regrouped and headed back out to the Tomcod claim. Although the gold is steadily becoming harder to find on the Tomcod, it is better than the 40 acres of offshore claims their father purchased that turned out to be barren.

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According to Zap2It, veteran miner Derek McLarty spent every penny he had in order to become the captain of his own brand new, guitar-shaped dredge called the High Noon. He has enjoyed some modest success, but desperate to dredge up more gold, he trespassed onto the Christine Rose and helped himself to Shawn’s mining coordinates. Perhaps his daring move will put him onto the gold during his first season on Bering Sea Gold.

Shawn is not going to be happy when he finds out, especially after the Pomrenke’s graciously allowed Derek to use their facility in order to clean his gold. Knowing how situations tend to go on Bering Sea Gold, it’s almost a certainty that there will be a showdown, and McLarty will have to explain his actions to Shawn.

As Season 6 of Bering Sea Gold wraps up, who do you think will hit the motherlode? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. The season finale of Bering Sea Gold airs on Wednesday, June 1 at 9 p.m. ET on the Discovery Channel.


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