‘Walking Dead’ News: Norman Reedus Calls Cliffhanger A Success

The Walking Dead Season 6 finale cliffhanger angered many fans, who took their frustration online to social media outlets to complain. However, while many fans hated the way the season left them hanging, actor Norman Reedus believes that the cliffhanger was a success and did exactly what it was supposed to do.

Entertainment Weekly reported that Reedus said that the entire purpose of art is to get people talking, and people are still talking about that finale. As a reminder, the Walking Dead Season 6 finale ended with Negan taking his barbed wire baseball bat, named Lucille, and killing one of the beloved characters. One of the characters who is an odds-on favorite to die is Norman’s huge fan favorite Daryl.

While Norman Reedus said that a lot of people want instant gratification, the Walking Dead Season 6 finale did its job. Besides, Norman said that he likes controversy, adding that it is great that so many people are freaking out.

“I’ve been making art for a long time and you want people to talk. Sometimes you make something just to get people to talk. The fact that people are still talking is a huge compliment to how that episode was executed and the acting in it and the writing of it. That’s a good thing.”

The victim of Negan’s attack could be Norman’s Daryl, but the character who is likely to have taken the brunt of Lucille to the head is Steven Yeun’s Glenn. It was Glenn who Negan shockingly killed in the comics during this exact scene.

There was a photo that hit online showing Norman Reedus and Steven Yeun near the set of the filming of Season 7 of The Walking Dead, but that doesn’t mean one of them didn’t die. As it was seen with both Merle and Shane, characters often return in dream sequences.

Reedus also said that he felt bad for showrunner Scott M. Gimple and Robert Kirkman, the creator of the Walking Dead comics. They have taken the brunt of the fans’ anger, but once again, Norman said that is great because it took the pressure off of him. Reedus added that it is still unfortunate because the two men work hard to entertain fans but end up receiving lots of anger from unhappy viewers.

For Robert Kirkman, he is having a bit of fun with the entire controversy. Cinema Blend reported that when Kirkman was asked about who Negan killed in the season finale of The Walking Dead, it wasn’t Norman Reedus’ Daryl that he mentioned. Instead, Kirkman said it could even be Carl, the son of the main protagonist Rick. Of course, that is very unlikely, as the comics have set up Carl for a major arch that will likely see him as the eventual main character over time.

Kirkman also said that it might be too late to save Glenn as well. Other possibilities include either Abraham or Sasha, considering their recent sharing of their feelings, as that could cause some major drama with the one who lived.

Some people have speculated that Michonne could die to add some more torture and pain to Rick’s life. Finally, there is Norman Reedus’ Daryl, who was never a character in the Walking Dead comic books.

No matter who it is, there is still almost five months to wait before The Walking Dead returns and fans finally learn which of their favorite characters met their demise at the end of Negan’s bat. According to Norman Reedus, the showrunners will earn the fans’ respect for what they have coming, something Reedus said will cause the planet to explode.

“But it continually surprises me how this show grows and is put together and the execution of it – no pun intended. It blows my mind. It just continually reaches a new plateau every single time, and this is the highest plateau we’ve ever been. So just wait. It’s worth the wait, trust me.”

Until that happens, fans can still see Norman Reedus on his new series Ride with Norman Reedus, which debuts on AMC on June 12. The Walking Dead Season 7 will return in October.

[Image via Gene Page/AMC]