Black Guy Thrown In Washing Machine Turns White: Qiaobi’s Chinese Laundry Detergent Ad Called Racist [Videos]

The below commercial advertising a Chinese brand of laundry detergent called Qiaobi is getting quite the reaction on social media as it goes viral. The Chines detergent brand Qiaobi is coming under fire for what folks online are calling the most racist ad ever made.

As seen in the above ad, a black man enters a room where a Chinese woman is doing her laundry. With white paint marks showing a stark contrast against the black man’s skin, it’s obvious that he is performing a painting job. However, the black man is taken with the Chinese woman’s beauty, and he whistles at her as a means of flirting.

When the Chinese woman seems to respond positively, the black guy excitedly walks toward her, leaning in for a kiss. Instead, the woman sticks a Qiaobi laundry detergent pod in his mouth and shoves him inside the washing machine. After she sits on the lid of the washing machine as it turns and he makes all kinds of noises — another segment rife with sexual innuendo — the black man emerges, but he’s no longer black. Instead, he has been transformed into a Chinese man with white skin, and he appears taller.

What folks criticizing the Qiaobi commercial don’t seem to note is that the Chinese man who emerges from the washing machine — after having all the “black” washed off of him — extends a Qiaobi laundry pod to the Chinese woman. It would be interesting indeed to see what the Chinese woman would’ve been “washed” into. Perhaps Qiaobi might consider their next commercial as an extension of this controversial one and perhaps wash the Chinese woman into a black woman to stem some of the controversy and “black-lash” they are getting because of their ad.

According to CBS News, Qiaobi actually copied a commercial from 2007 for Coloreria, wherein a skinny Italian guy was placed in the washing machine and was transformed into a yoked and jacked black guy. Apparently that commercial, as seen below, didn’t receive as much backlash as the Qiaobi spot, even with the earlier ad proclaiming, “Coloured is better.”

Whereas the Italian commercial didn’t focus on washing the “black” off of a man, as if it were dirt to be done away with — and instead added melanin to the man’s skin — Qiaobi is being accused of missing the mark by leaps and bounds. The Coloreria ad, while just as offensive to some viewers, focused on the Italian guy being scrawny and the black guy being muscular.

Instead, the Qiaobi ad starts off as a hopeful interracial relationship between a black man and a Chinese woman but quickly devolves into an ad solely focused on doing away with his black skin. The Chinese man that emerges doesn’t appear more muscular than the black man necessarily — but is perhaps taller.

As expected, reaction online was swift and fierce. Many folks are wondering aloud why the black male actor would choose to star in such a commercial.

“Yes this is a real Chinese advertising… Incredible but true!”

“Oh boy…”

“Really! What did a black person do to deserve such ridicule!!!”

“Oh no they didn’t………….Anyone see this ad for LAUNDRY SOAP China just released? Straight up as racist as it gets… I swear I am so tired of this hateful world….Everyone needs a lesson on what love for humanity is… smh…..”

“Everyone is complaining about this racist Chinese advert.”

“I think what disgusts me more is the fact that the guy accepted the offer.”

[Photo by Jens Meyer/AP Images]