Chad Johnson Comes To Blows With Three ‘Bachelorette’ Contestants, When Does JoJo Send Him Home?

Chad Johnson thinks he’s God’s gift to JoJo Fletcher on this season of The Bachelorette and takes the villain role to a whole new level. The 28-year-old real estate agent from Oklahoma is one of host Chris Harrison’s “five men to watch” and is definitely setting himself up for a trip to this summer’s much-anticipated drama-fest Bachelor in Paradise.

How long does Chad last with JoJo Fletcher this season and what does he do to earn himself the villain edit? Check out the video clip below for starters — his conversation with Daniel, the guy who stripped down on the season premiere — will clue you in. If that’s not enough, read on to learn more about his actions during several dates this season and his not-so-complimentary words about JoJo.

[Warning: Bachelorette Season 12 spoilers ahead]

Last week, Chad described himself as a “manlier” version of former Bachelor Ben Higgins, and it’s all gone downhill from there. Spoilers point to Chad getting confrontational with a number of guys this season, including front-runner Jordan Rodgers, Marine Alex Wotykiw, and erectile dysfunction specialist Evan Bass.

According to Reality Steve, Chad calls JoJo “naggy” during one of the Week 2 group dates (May 30), something that doesn’t go over well with the other guys on the date. When they are asked during one of the group date competitions which guy they like the least, the other men on the date don’t hesitate to say, “Chad,” calling him a bully.

Chad gets nasty with Alex, who calls him out for “lurking” when JoJo is trying to spend time getting to know other guys in the house during the Episode 2 cocktail party. According to Us Weekly, Chad gets ticked off at Alex and threatens him.

chad johson and alex bacheloertte
Alex has no problem confronting Chad, who also served in the U.S. Marines, and tells him that JoJo is “probably getting creeped out” and that it’s “getting weird” that he is always “hanging around, lurking around the corner.”

Chad’s response will get people talking, and although he doesn’t actually knock Alex’s teeth out, it won’t be long before he gets physical with another contestant.

“Yo, f–k you, for real. I’m serious. … Keep that up, you’re gonna lose your damn teeth.”

Whether producers decided he should stay because they needed a villain or JoJo wanted to give him a chance is unknown, but Chad will continue to trash talk the other guys in the house right through to his elimination on Episode 4.

Before he goes, Reality Steve states that viewers will see push Evan and rip his shirt during a Week 3 group date, and he will get rejected by JoJo when he tries to give her a kiss during the same date.

However, his final exit will probably be the most talked about. After his elimination on a two-on-one date on Week 4 in Pennsylvania, he reportedly returns to the hotel and “all hell breaks loose” when he gets into a fight with Jordan Rodgers.

“Chad apparently gets in Jordan’s face and hell breaks loose,” Steve writes. “He started poking Jordan in the face and it got physical. End result is that Chad eventually went home.”

ABC has yet to reveal the official Bachelor in Paradise cast list, but unless he turns the gig down, there is no doubt that Chad will be the perfect fit for the drama that is about to go down when the show starts filming in June.

Tune in to watch The Bachelorette on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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