Marilyn Monroe: ‘National Enquirer Investigates’ Suicide Death Or Murder Theory On Reelz, Plus A.J. Benza’s Case Closed

Marilyn Monroe‘s death has been the subject of speculation for many decades. This weekend, fans will get a chance to watch two documentary series on Reelz that will examine her tragic death. National Enquirer Investigates is a new, one-hour docu-series that will review some of the infamous magazine’s most shocking celebrity death cases. Some of the other stories that will be scrutinized are the death of Bobbi Kristina and the OJ Simpson, Nicole Brown Simpson case. Case Closed with A.J. Benza will also feature coverage on Marilyn Monroe’s story.

The intention of Reelz’ National Enquirer Investigates and Case Closed is to look at these Hollywood death stories with fresh eyes, suggesting new angles, new theories, and new evidence that may have been missed over the years. The premiere episode of National Enquirer Investigates this Saturday, which is titled “Marilyn Monroe,” will reveal intimate information found in secret government documents that were obtained by the National Enquirer.

During the early morning hours of August 5, 1962, Marilyn Monroe’s nude body was discovered lying face down in her bed at her Brentwood, California, bungalow, and the death scene can only be described as eerie and strange. Marilyn Monroe and her bedroom were a mess, and detectives found several pill bottles, which seemed to indicate that the 36-year-old Hollywood star had died of an overdose of drugs. An autopsy report later confirmed that her death was caused by probable suicide, even though her stomach was empty and no needle marks or residue from pills were found.

With the exception of the first officer to arrive on the scene, the general public accepted the suicide theory for years, until a book in the 1970s suggested that she was murdered.

How did Marilyn Monroe die? Was it an accident or a suicide?

‘Murray woke up and claims she saw a light under the door. Concerned that something terrible had happened, she called Greenson at 3.30am. They peered into Monroe’s bedroom window and saw her naked body. Greenson says he broke in with a poker, before ringing Marilyn’s physician, Dr Hyman Engelberg, but the window had been mended by the time the police arrived.”

Was Marilyn Monroe murdered and the death scene staged by the mob, the CIA, or the Kennedy brothers?

“Lee, who has since died, said she was on the phone with Monroe when Monroe screamed a name and dropped the phone. Lee took that name to the grave because she feared for the safety of her family. Monroe had only been living in her home for five months when she died, and DePaulo said every room was bugged, including the bathroom. ‘The allegation is that the FBI and CIA bugged the house.'”

Also, look out for some details on those alleged sex orgies attended by Frank Sinatra, as indicated in Vanity and Daily Mail, which state the following.

“The three Kennedy brothers were accused of having sex parties with Marilyn Monroe and members of Frank Sinatra’s Rat Pack. The romps were supposedly held at John Kennedy’s suite at the upmarket Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan.”

Marilyn Monroe didn’t just entertain her fans, she mesmerized them. The sex goddess’ gorgeous smile, seductive sway, and her soothing voice make her fans swoon, even today.

“Her voice here is one for the ages. It is the softest, most mesmerizing, brightest of wonders. Her voice is like a powder puff.”

Despite the tell-all books that eventually revealed her untidy habits and unbearable odor, Monroe still reigns supreme as one of the hottest sex symbols of all time.

There are still many questions surrounding her death that may never be answered. However, plan on tuning into National Enquirer Investigates and Case Closed with A.J. Benza as they dig through Hollywood’s archives this Saturday, May 28, at 9/8 p.m. Central on Reelz. Just before the shows air, you might want to catch Marilyn Monroe: Scandal and Legacy and Autopsy: The Last Hours of Marilyn Monroe beginning at 5 p.m.

[Photo by AP Photo, file]