Nick Jonas Thought Demi Lovato Might Die From Drug Use

Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato have been friends for a long time, working side by side in the pop music industry since they were teenagers. Jonas was apparently close enough to Demi Lovato to know just how bad her drug problem got. In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, Nick revealed that Demi was so addicted that he feared he might lose her.

Demi Lovato is now leading a healthy life, but when she was as young as 18, the singer had to be checked into rehab. Nick Jonas explained that she not only struggled with drug addiction, but also eating disorders and self harming. Nick once dreaded the day he’d receive a call informing him that Demi had passed away from drug overdose, or some other problem related to substance abuse.

Demi Lovato. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Thankfully, after years of hard work, Demi Lovato was able to celebrate her fourth anniversary of sobriety this year.

“It’s been years of working on herself and getting better,” said Nick. “She’s amazing – and a better singer, too, because she’s healthy. But I was genuinely concerned that I might lose my friend.”

Nick Jonas stuck with Lovato through all the years of addiction, and now the two musicians seem to be closer than ever. According to Teen Vogue, they’re actually collaborating together on some music. They’ve already been performing together as part of the Future Now tour, which has had no trouble selling ticks. The act includes songs from both Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato, but the performances will be woven together.

“[It’s] an intertwined show,” Nick said. “It won’t be two sets broken up, but a night of music.”

Demi and Nick
(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

Nick claims he’s taken their musical friendship even further than that by lending some of his skills to Demi Lovato. Strangely, the two plan to record some of the songs while on the road.

“We are taking a mobile studio. Demi’s in the process of making a new record already and I’m going to be helping her with that a little bit. We’re going to bring people out to write for her stuff and projects that I’m doing.”

Despite how closely the two are working together, there’s still no word about a full-on collaborative project between Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato. Nick might get a writing credit on Demi’s new record, but it doesn’t appear that the two are cooking up any official album duets.

Nick and Demi
Nick Jonas on stage with Demi Lovato. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia).

The Future Now tour isn’t the first time Demi Lovato has toured the world with Nick. According to Stuff, Demi dated Nick’s brother Joe in 2010 and joined the Jonas Brothers for performances in South America. It was during that tour that Demi Lovato had a backstage meltdown, which was the final straw that drove her to rehab.

But this tour will be totally different. Not only is Demi sober now, but she’s also got a strict workout regimen, which includes kickboxing and a cryotherapy shower of liquid nitrogen. Lovato released a Snapchat video of herself recovering from an intense workout by bathing in the freezing cold chamber. Appropriately, she captioned the video “Rehabbin….”

If you want to see Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas hit the stage together, you can purchase tickets to the Future Now tour now. The shows officially kick off on June 24 and continue through September 17.

What do you think of Nick Jonas admitting his fear that Demi Lovato would kill herself with drug use? Would you stick by a close friend through such a hard time? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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