Amazon Kindle Touch Pulled From Website, New Option May Soon Be Revealed

If you were hoping to purchase and Amazon Kindle Touch from you are currently out of luck. The world’s largest online retailer pulled the popular e-reader from its website on Monday morning. The pull likely means Amazon is preparing to launch a new version of the popular device or perhaps something completely new and different.

“Currently unavailable. We don’t when or if this item will be back in stock.”

All other forms of the Amazon Kindle remain in play at the time of this post.

Amazon is holding a press conference on September 6 and with the Amazon Kindle Touch devices all of a sudden disappearing it is likely we’ll see some type of next generation device in its place.

Last year Amazon’s big press conference unveiled the $199 tablet known as the Tablet Fire, although nothing at this time has pointed to another type of Kindle Fire type device.

According to Engadget:

“Suggestions for what Amazon may show off that the conference include both back-lit and front-lit versions of the Kindle, a range of Kindle Fire tablets in different sizes, and ad-supported models. It won’t be known which it will be, if any, until Amazon’s event takes place, or a product leak occurs.”

The Amazon Kindle Touch was released in November 2011, should Amazon decide to scratch the line of devices from the roster the readers life span was rather short lived.

Do you think Amazon will release a new and improved version of the Kindle Touch or go with something completely different?