Sonja Morgan Calls Dorinda Medley ‘Fake’ After Being Ousted From ‘RHONY’ Trip

Sonja Morgan is trying to bounce back after dealing with her bankruptcy case that has kept her occupied over the past couple of years. Morgan had to file for personal bankruptcy, and she had to sell off some of her homes and her belongings to get back out of the bankruptcy. Now that she’s back out, she wants to rebuild some of her companies and get back on track – and that includes her friendships. So when Morgan wasn’t invited to the Berkshires getaway that Dorinda Medley was hosting for the Real Housewives of New York ladies, she was hurt.

According to a new Bravo report, Sonja Morgan is now reacting to the episode, and she was angry at Medley for leaving her at home. In fact, Medley had decided not to invite Sonja because of her drama with Bethenny Frankel. Plus, she claimed that Sonja always wanted to drink and this wasn’t that kind of party. During the episode, Dorinda sat Sonja down and explained that she was bringing the girls to the Berkshires and would be sitting down with her after the trip. Apparently, this conversation is now leading to Sonja Morgan calling Dorinda fake.

“I don’t need [D]orinda to protect me from my friends that I know longer than her,” Sonja Morgan revealed on Twitter as the episode aired, to which Medley replied, “This is coming from a place of kindness… From a place of kindness!!!! And protectiveness and concern and love Sonja.”

Medley claimed that she was doing what she was doing to protect Sonja from Bethenny Frankel. Just last week, Frankel completely tore Sonja apart after she announced that she was launching the Tipsy Girl line of Prosecco – a brand that clearly imitated Frankel’s business.

“Not nice to ‘protect’ me from Bethenny. She wasn’t even mad anymore. Not cool to ice me out,” Morgan pointed out, to which Medley denied picking sides, writing, “Not choosing sides, I just know a storms a brewing and I’m playing smart Sonja.”

And Bethenny didn’t want to get involved or get the blame for not inviting Morgan on the trip, and she shared her views on Twitter. Apparently, Bethenny had not talked to Medley about who to invite or even asked her to leave Sonja Morgan at home.

“For the record I told [Dorinda] to invite whoever she wants & that it’s her house. I don’t dictate someone else’s list,” Bethenny revealed on Twitter.

But Morgan didn’t have nice things to say about Medley, stating that she clearly thought that her Real Housewives of New York co-star was fake. She was telling Sonja one thing to her face and was doing something else behind her back.

“I know that [very] well. Dorinda Medley story is fake U say 2 my face what u feel & u don’t need a gang #nothingunusual,” Sonja Morgan pointed out, adding later about Ramona Singer, “Been doing this a long time. @DorindaMedley I don’t need u to ‘protect’ me.’ Ramona Singer ‘concerned’ lies as usual.”

And it sounds like Morgan was completely left in the dark, as the ladies made it seem like it was one night in the Berkshires. Singer is convinced that the outing was actually several days.

“Not nice Ramona you knew this wasn’t just ‘1 night’ What a b*tch. Dorinda knew too,” Sonja Morgan points out.

But Medley doesn’t regret her decision to leave Sonja Morgan at home. In fact, she’s glad that Sonja stayed at home, as more partying and alcohol may have made the getaway worse than it was. And based on the previews for next week, the holiday dinner turned out to be the dinner from hell.

“And considering how the trip plays out I stand by every decision I made,” Dorinda revealed about her overall decision to leave Morgan at home, to which Sonja replied, “Phuleeze. Not my 1rst time at the rodeo. Like I don’t know what happens [with] the ladies on a trip. #icedout.”

Do you think Dorinda made the right decision in leaving Sonja Morgan out of the outing? Do you think the getaway would have turned out to be a hot mess if Sonja had been there?

[Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images]