Charlie Sheen Cries Poverty And Then Buys Several Homes In Mexico

Charlie Sheen has been in a mad dash to sell off the homes belonging to his ex wives, claiming that with lack of work, extortion payments, and medical expenses due to HIV, he was running very low on funds, and Sheen claimed to be in significant debt. That’s why it’s odd that Sheen would be down in Mexico buying property as if he were buying items at a yard sale. Granted, Sheen can get more house for his money in Mexico than in Southern California, but with legal bills and overdue Amex payments, one would think he might hold back from spending money at this time.

According to the Inquisitr, Charlie Sheen decided to sell off his ex-wives’ homes, which actually belong to his children, in order to pay his debts. It was reported that Sheen got a big payday for selling off his rights to the Two and a Half Men series, but Sheen insisted that to make ends meet, he had to sell the houses that Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller were living in. His daughters with Denise Richards were forced to change schools, and Denise Richards could only afford to rent at that point. Sheen sold Mueller’s house first, and then sold Richards’. Then Sheen took both women to court to renegotiate his child support agreements with both women, again, because he claimed to be short on money.

According to Radar Online, it sounds like everyone is having to tighten their belt but Charlie Sheen, as he spends his time traveling and relaxing. But while Sheen was buying real estate south of the border, Sheen’s legal fees and other debts are mounting back at home.

It seems that Charlie Sheen has gotten a new real estate agent, Scott Weier, for his Mexican purchases. Weier said that Sheen bought three houses in Mexico, because he was fleeing the United States to retire in Mexico. Weier says that the houses aren’t fancy, but they suit his needs.

“It’s just a humble little three-bedroom house, around 2,700 square feet. It wasn’t too expensive.”

Charlie Sheen told Scott Weier that he was done with Los Angeles.

“He told me he’s planning on living here full time, he’s tired of the rat race of the United States and his life the way it is. He wants to do something a bit different. He’s looking for a change. Compared to what he has in Los Angeles it’s very humble and simple.”

But this doesn’t explain why he needed to buy three houses, and spend $1 million.

The Daily Mail says that Sheen is saying hasta la vista to America, and moving his home base to Mexico. Sheen bought three adjacent homes in the town of Rosarita in Baja California, Mexico. Rosariata is about a half hour south of the border, and also close to Tijuana, because despite claims that he has cleaned up his life, Sheen loves a wild party scene.

Sources say that Charlie Sheen bought the three houses, but just plans to live in the middle one. Sheen is installing fencing, and is using the other two houses to get more privacy. According to Weier, his agent, Sheen already has the keys, and his assistant has started moving things in. Sheen’s new homes are on the waterfront with great views.

Earlier this year, Sheen claimed in court that he was $13 million in debt. So it is curious that Sheen could come up with $1 million to buy a home, and two extra to ensure his privacy. Sheen told Weier that he was looking to simplify his life, and said that he envied Weier.

“He’s looking for things to be much quieter and simple. He’s a nice guy. From what I can tell he’s learned a lot from his mistakes and he wants not just to change his address but to change his life.

“He doesn’t drink as much anymore, and he even joked about that with me. When I’ve been with him he’s only had one beer or so. He wants normalcy and peace.”

Weier joked that when they closed the deal, Sheen’s manager said, “Well, there goes the neighborhood.”

Do you think Charlie Sheen is pulling another scam on the court to get out of paying support for all or some of his children?

[Photo by Frederick Brown/Getty Images]