How Kailyn Lowry Is Moving On From Failed Marriage

Kailyn Lowry has gone through months of speculation when it comes to her marriage to Javi Marroquin. Kailyn and Javi have often made headlines over their marriage, and the word “divorce” has come up several times over the past couple of years. But this week, Lowry revealed that the divorce was indeed happening and she was moving forward with a split from Javi. He is currently still serving time in Qatar and has not announced when he’s planning on coming home. But he won’t be coming home to a wife with open arms.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is already focusing on moving forward. It sounds like she isn’t really giving herself time to grieve the loss. On this week’s episode of Teen Mom, Javi called his wife cold and a robot for not sharing her feelings and emotions, and it sounds like this lack of communication caused their split. Even though she probably won’t be dishing the dirt on the divorce, she did confirm the split on Twitter by tweeting a correction to Us Weekly, who wrote that the couple was splitting after nearly three years of marriage.

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“I think you mean nearly 4,” Lowry tweeted the magazine, which has yet to fix the mistake.

Because Lowry has been so vague and cold in regards to her feelings, she’s now starting to face some tough criticism from viewers. And one person even tweeted that she was starting to act like her own mother.

“Show no feelings, show no weakness,” Kailyn had previously tweeted, to which a follower wrote, “you’re turning into your mother.”

It’s possible that Kailyn Lowry took offense to that, as she replied, “Oh, do you know her?”

Since announcing the divorce, Kailyn has been retweeting messages from fans about her book. She’s been sharing people’s thoughts on reading through her memoir, where she talks about her troubles with her mother. She hasn’t said anything about Javi, who previously deleted his Twitter account. One can imagine he’s completely heartbroken everything that happened with his wife. Before deleting his account, Marroquin revealed that he had given the marriage everything he possibly could and hoped that his wife would get to live the life she apparently wants. But back in Delaware, Kailyn Lowry is focusing on just making the days work.

“It’s a struggle to find matching socks in this house sometimes,” Kailyn tweeted this morning, showing her frustration and her possibly being overwhelmed with having two children in the home without the support of a partner.

One can imagine the two may sit down and talk about what happened when Javi comes home. No word on when that will happen, but he has teased that fans of Teen Mom will learn about what caused this divorce to happen. Many speculate that Marroquin couldn’t handle the miscarriage that happened before he left and he took the anger out on his wife.

“It’s like I needed someone to blame,” Marroquin told his wife of the miscarriage during a Teen Mom episode, according to Us Weekly, adding, “I needed to blame somebody, and I was taking it out on you.”

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Marroquin hasn’t issued a statement about the divorce, but Lowry has revealed that they are trying to work on keeping things peaceful for the sake of their children.

“We’re trying to do the best we can for our kids because they are what really matters,” Kailyn Lowry had previously revealed to the Daily Mail about her upcoming divorce, according to Us Weekly.

It sounds like Kailyn isn’t planning on moving on to a new relationship anytime soon.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s comments about her marriage? Are you surprised that she’s focusing on promoting her book and taking care of her children after this divorce?

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