‘The Bachelorette’: JoJo Fletcher Opens Up About Fantasy Suite Dates In New Interview

There’s a lot of talk each season about what goes on in the Fantasy Suites for The Bachelorette. The same chatter occurs for The Bachelor as well, but everyone wants to know what someone like JoJo Fletcher thinks about the Fantasy Suite dates.

This season’s Bachelorette star opens up to People magazine about her thoughts on the Fantasy Suite dates and the significance they play on the show. Viewers are purposely excluded from watching what goes on behind closed doors during the Fantasy Suite dates. This episode airs when the semi-finalists are chosen. Several weeks of filming have gone into the series by that point, and the show’s lead may or may not be ready to go all the way with each contestant.

Will JoJo Fletcher be ready to go all the way with the men she picks on the show?

This week’s issue of People titled the Dallas real estate developer’s piece on the cover as reading: “Bachelorette JoJo: ‘I Fell For More Than One Guy.'” The subheading reads, “Heartbreak, Hookups & Drama.”

JoJo admits that she fell for more than one special guy on this season of The Bachelorette.

“I definitely kissed more guys in a few weeks than I had in my entire life!” said Fletcher. “But you can’t really censor yourself.”

As the 25-year-old reminds fans, there’s not much time in getting to know someone. It’s vital to make the most out of everything if you and that person have chemistry.

JoJo says things should play out and see where it winds up.

“I have such a short amount of time,” JoJo continued. “And in the Fantasy Suite, if you know there is chemistry and a physical connection, it’s a good time to have privacy and let whatever happens, happen.”

The report addressed JoJo Fletcher kissing NFL player Jordan Rodgers on the premiere episode. The pair only spent a few minutes together, but there was an immediate attraction.

“We had an immediate connection,” she said of Rodgers. “It was like we were boyfriend and girlfriend on night one.”

Jordan went on to receive the First Impression Rose.

A guy’s physical appearance isn’t as important as his personality, JoJo insists.

“I don’t have a physical type. I want someone honest and genuine and someone who can make me laugh,” she said. “And I like to think I have a pretty good read on people and that my gut steers me in the right way.”

Last season, Kaitlyn Bristowe was The Bachelorette, and she caught heat for allegedly sleeping with two men leading up to the Fantasy Suite dates. It was quite the controversy that had some chastising Bristowe for her actions.

“It just happened. I don’t think I’m a bad person and I’m not ashamed of myself,” Bristowe said in a preview recap posted on Radar Online. “But I do have other relationships and one of those other relationships went too far too fast.”

The Fantasy Suite dates allow for solely personal time between the lead and the contestant. No one tells what occurs behind the scenes. Sometimes people sleep together, and other times they’re up all night just talking. The dates spawn endless chatter and rumors afterward.

How far will JoJo Fletcher go with her suitors on The Bachelorette during the Fantasy Suite dates? Speculations will grow as the weeks move onward and spoilers emerge.

The Bachelorette airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

[Image via JoJo Fletcher/Instagram]