Justin Bieber Dates A Hottie, Bromances Pals, And Pays $80k Rent

Justin Bieber channels his inner James Dean with a hot date: Nicola Peltz of Transformers and Bates Motel fame. The couple is snapped by TMZ having a cozy steak dinner at Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills last night. The Biebs reportedly looks parched and sunburned. Peltz, on the other hand, channels her inner Nicole Kidman as she dons a casual black attire in stark contrast with her flawless, white skin.

Justin Bieber has every right to chillax after working so hard on his Purpose world tour which commenced on March 9 in Seattle, Washington, and ends November 29 in London. Bieber’s next concert is not until June 11 in Winnipeg. That gives him and his crew more than two weeks to recover from the rigorous demands of concert work.

For this purpose, Justin Bieber has enlisted nothing but the best venue — a lavish, 10-bedroom lake house in Los Angeles. The reported price tag is a whopping $80k for renting the property for one month, according to Daily Mail. The Toluca Lake property also boasts a swimming pool, a massive game room, screening room, and gym. It even has private boats as well as access to the lake.

No doubt, renting the said property will allow The Biebs to recharge his creative fuses after nearly snapping from the tensions caused by the “Sorry” singer’s concert performances. The location will also allow the music genius not only to relax in style but to do so while being away from prying eyes. Justin Bieber recently asked his fans to refrain from snapping pictures of him, claiming that he is starting to feel suffocated by excessive fan attention.

He also stated that he would much prefer a short dialogue with a fan, as opposed to having a selfie taken. There has been much speculation lately regarding the state of his mind. Surely, spending some downtime at the secluded beach property is a step in the right direction, no matter how pricey it seems. After all, Justin Bieber has a reported net worth of $200 million.

It wouldn’t hurt to spend thousands of dollars in order to recharge Bieber’s artistic spirit and revive his frayed nerves. He had reportedly tried climbing trees and feeding squirrels at public parks, even petting a zoo lion, but it looks like none of these alternatives have worked a miracle for the megastar.

Yet another step in the right direction is spending time with his male friends. Alas, we can look forward to a renewed Justin Bieber as he spends time male bonding with DJ Martin Garrix and videographer Rory Kramer. The boys have been snapped by Your EDM having a great time camping, diving, swimming, and motor-boating in top gear in the Toluca Lake resort.


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There is no doubt that a bromance is long overdue for the superstar. As he writes on Instagram, “Had one of the best nights of my life last night.”

We’re glad to read that this type of therapy seems to be working for Justin Bieber, as we look forward to a fully recharged performer on his next concert date. Your EDM also notes how Garrix and Kramer took turns appreciating the hosting as well as the company that Justin Bieber has provided.

In so doing, the source has disclosed a fascinating aspect of the Justin Bieber persona in mentioning compliments from Rory Kramer as follows.

” Woke up today having a rough day, felt alone, felt like I had little self-worth…Thanks @justinbieber for always knowing when I’m down and dropping what you’re doing to make sure I’m still me.”

These words paint a clear picture of how Justin Bieber genuinely cares for his friends. Beyond the celebrity facade lurks a real person who certainly knows when to reach out in order to help a friend in need. Surely, there is nothing like helping others in order to heal one’s soul.

These are the nights I live for

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