Pink Floyd Album Covers To Be Featured In Series Of Postage Stamps

Pink Floyd fans may want to resort to using snail mail. The legendary British band will be featured on a series of postage stamps in the U.K., according to Billboard. The Pink Floyd postage stamps will feature a mix of classic album artwork and live photos.

The Royal Mail’s limited edition Pink Floyd collection will include 10 stamps that pay homage to the British band’s 50-year legacy. Several iconic Pink Floyd album covers will be featured in the collection, including Atom Heart Mother,The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn,The Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, and the band’s final album, The Endless River.

According to BBC News, Pink Floyd’s breathtaking album covers were made in collaboration with leading graphic designers and photographers. The remaining four stamps will feature live shots of the band performing, including a photo from a concert at London’s UFO Club 50 years ago.

A statement about the collection on the Royal Mail website reveals that Pink Floyd band members worked closely with the U.K. postal service company on the project.

“We’re celebrating Pink Floyd, one of the most influential and successful British bands of all time, with a superb range of stamps, limited edition souvenirs, and gifts,” the statement reads. “Renowned for creating some of rock music’s most acclaimed albums and iconic imagery, Pink Floyd are also lauded for their ground-breaking live performances. Royal Mail has worked closely with Pink Floyd to bring you this exceptional collection.”

Pink Floyd celebrated their 50th anniversary last year. The band was formed in London in 1965 by Roger Waters, drummer Nick Mason, keyboardist Rick Wright, and guitarist Syd Barrett. Pink Floyd became a big draw in the London underground scene of the mid-1960s. While Barrett left Pink Floyd in 1967, David Gilmour joined the band around the same time.

The Dark Side of The Moon (1973) and The Wall (1979) became Pink Floyd’s biggest albums. But in 2014, The Endless River was the band’s first record in 20 years, and, ultimately, the last. A year after The Endless River was released, David Gilmour told Classic Rock magazine he was “done” working with the legendary progressive rock band.

“I’m done with it,” Gilmour said at the time. “I’ve had 48 years in Pink Floyd … And those years in what is now considered to be our heyday were 95 per cent musically fulfilling and joyous and full of fun and laughter. And I certainly don’t want to let the other five percent color my view of what was a long and fantastic time together. But it has run its course, we are done — and it would be fakery to go back and do it again.”

Gilmour previously said it felt “wrong” to continue on as Pink Floyd after the 2008 death of keyboardist Rick Wright, and he later told Rolling Stone that the band’s only remaining decent material could be found on The Endless River.

“Anything we had of value is on this album,” he said. “Trying to do it again would mean using second-best material, and that’s not good enough for me … The thought of doing any more causes me to break out in a cold sweat.”

David Gilmour has said he wouldn’t rule out reuniting with Pink Floyd bandmate Roger Waters someday, but he said he would only do it in a rare circumstance.

“The likelihood of it being anything more than one little charity show is very, very remote,” he said.

For now, Pink Floyd fans still have the music—and soon, the postage stamps. The Pink Floyd stamps will go on sale at 8,000 U.K. post offices on July 7, but they can be pre-ordered now at

See Pink Floyd performing the classic “Careful With That Axe, Eugene” in the video below.

[Photo by Jo Hale/Getty Images]