Carmen Electra Says She Owes Everything To Prince

Carmen Electra, who was born Tara Leigh Patrick, opened up to Us Weekly, giving full credit for her long, successful career to the late pop legend, Prince. Carmen described Prince as mysterious and witty, as well as an “extraordinarily generous” person, and “one of a kind.”

Electra expressed how grateful she was the seven-time grammy winner was willing to take a chance on a young unknown girl. The two dated briefly in the 90s, but even after the romantic relationship ended, Prince continued to be Carmen’s mentor and friend.

“He touched everyone’s life in some kind of way with his beautiful spirit and his powerful music,” Electra told Us Weekly.

Prince discovered Carmen (at the time she was still using her birth name Tara) when she was only 18-years-old while seeking talent for an all girl group he was forming in 1991. Prince decided Tara would make a better solo artist and signed her to his label, Paisley Park Records.

Shortly thereafter Tara was reinvented by Prince as Carmen Electra. While recording her first record, the up-and-coming star reminded Prince her real name was Tara and not Carmen. Prince insisted on the new name.

“You look like a Carmen, so, to me, you’re Carmen,” said Prince, and the name stuck.

Although Electra’s singing career was short lived she went on to having much success as a glamour model, actress, television personality, and even landed several nude pictorials in Playboy Magazine.

“And I’ll always be grateful that he [Prince] believed in me and took a chance on me,” Electra said.

Carmen took the death of her friend and mentor hard. The 44-year-old entertainer said she was very “confused” after Prince’s death for “it happened out of nowhere.”

“We’re all devastated, and it didn’t seem like it was his right time to go,” stated Carmen. “It’s hard for everyone, from the people who knew him well to the people that never even met him…”

Carmen also went on to talk about how Prince was in a great amount of pain around the time of his death and she hoped people would have compassion for him. ENStars reported Carmen wants Prince to be remembered in the best possible way.

You can take a stroll down memory lane by watching a clip of Carmen Electra singing and dancing for Prince and a cheering crowd right here.

Carmen called Prince her biggest cheerleader and said he taught her work ethic, kindness, and boundaries. Electra tears up during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. You can watch Carmen’s emotional interview right here.

Prince passed away at his Paisley Park home in Minnesota on April 21, at the age of 57. The news of the pop legend’s death shocked the world. Painkillers were found at the scene and investigators are still looking into if they were the cause of his death.

Prince died with no wife or any known children. The Inquisitr reported on Prince having no known will, causing his estimated $300 million dollar fortune to be put into a state trust. The battle for his fortune will likely last years in court.

Carmen Electra wants the world to know how thankful she is to Prince and everything he did for her. Prince will always hold a special place in Carmen’s heart.

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