Beyoncé & Jay Z Reportedly Not Intimate For Months! Will They End Up Getting A Divorce?

Ever since Beyoncé released her new album, Lemonade, rumors on the songstress getting cheated on by her husband, Jay Z, started to emerge again. In the latest report from Radar Online, an insider revealed the reason why the two may end up getting a divorce soon – and it is just not about infidelity.

According to their source, the 34-year-old singer and the 46-year-old rapper didn’t have sex for months. A healthy relationship requires intimacy, so if the romance is gone, then there is a chance that their marriage will crumble.

“Her heart’s just not in it anymore and she doesn’t have the energy or the interest to try and fix things – and neither does he,” their insider said.

“Beyonce’s even at the point now that she doesn’t care if he finds release with someone else,” their source added. “She knows now that as much as she’s tried — therapy, date nights, vacations — she just can’t get over him straying.”

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Most of the songs in her album including “Sorry” were about infidelity. In this track, the alleged mistress was mentioned, and she was called “Becky with the good hair.” Rachel Roy was said to be the woman that Bey was referring to in her new song.

According to Hollywood Life, the 42-year-old fashion designer was furious when she found out that she was being linked to Jay Z, but she was quick to defend herself by posting a message on Twitter.

Rachel Roy was once married to the business partner of Jay Z, and she was allegedly spotted getting too close to the hip hop artist at the Met Gala after-party back in 2014. According to the New York Daily News, that was probably the reason why Solange Knowles attacked her sister’s husband in the elevator and it was all caught on camera. Watch the video below.

After all the elevator drama that occurred between the 29-year-old songstress and the “Empire State of Mind” hitmaker, Bey’s sister assured everyone their conflicts have been resolved. She also told Lucky magazine via ET that she and her family are now all good and at peace with each other.

Beyoncé and Jay Z haven’t confirmed nor denied the cheating rumors, which left many people thinking that the reports are true. While the Grammy Award-winner hinted that there’s problem in her marriage through Lemonade, her hubby finally breaks his silence on the controversy through his Fat Joe remix of “All the Way Up.” According to the Telegraph, there is a line in that track that talked about his wife’s new album.

“You know you made it when the fact your marriage made it is worth millions / Lemonade is a popular drink and it still is, survival of the littlest,” Jay Z rapped.

It seems that the couple is just creating a buzz to sell more albums. The news site revealed that both “All The Way Up” and Lemonade are exclusively available through Tidal – which means that only subscribers can access their latest tracks. Us Weekly also revealed that Jay Z is recording a longer version of Beyoncé’s LP, and this time the listeners will get a chance to hear his side of things.

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Igniting the cheating rumors seems to be working for the couple and this isn’t the first time that they did it. According to Queen Bey’s dad, Mathew Knowles, the controversial elevator attack was just a publicity stunt.

“I know, from experience, because we’ve done this, there’s a tour going on,” he revealed during an interview with The Roula and Ryan Show. “So you have to sometimes ignite that tour — it’s called a Jedi mind trick! The Jedi mind trick fools you a lot of time.”

“Everybody’s talking about it,” Mathew added. “Ticket sales went up. Solange’s album sales went up 200 percent.”

With that being said, there is a possibility that the Beyoncé and Jay Z cheating and divorce rumors are just a publicity stunt since both are currently promoting their new album and song.

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