‘Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders’ Cancelled Or Renewed? CBS Shares Season 2 Update

There have been numerous rumors about Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, and fans have just wanted to know whether it would get a Season 2 or be cancelled. CBS has now confirmed the fate of the show, just weeks after confirming its parent show would be renewed for Season 12.

Caution: there are some spoilers for the Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Season 1 finale towards the end.

It turns out that Beyond Borders will get a second season. While the show started low, the ratings improved over time, and the network believes it has at least another year in it. This is without a cliffhanger for the end, since Eric Messer confirmed that she wanted the fans to get to know the characters more before bringing in cliffhanger season finales. Parent show Criminal Minds ended Season 11 with a small cliffhanger, setting up the story for the now-confirmed Season 12.

Why has it taken so long for CBS to confirm Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Season 2? The ratings are not the only reason. CBS also needed to wait for the licensing deal with ABC. This was the reason for the delay in confirming the parent show would be renewed, despite high ratings throughout. Minds is still the second-highest rated show for the network.

Code Black has also received a renewal, according to Deadline. It and Beyond Borders were freshman shows for the network, and both part of the licensing deal between CBS and ABC. Another freshman show is being cancelled. Rush Hour did not get the ratings the network had hoped for, and CBS has decided to cancel it. Limitless is also expected to be cancelled, but there is no news on that at the time of writing.

The lineup for fall 2016 has not yet been shared. Beyond Borders did its best when it followed its parent show. It is possible that CBS will keep that lineup for fall 2016 just to make sure the show gets the viewership it needs.

Messer is also yet to share any news for the new season. The show has only just wrapped up Season 1, so the writers have not yet started working on the next season. There would have been no point without this confirmation of renewal. It doesn’t seem like there will be a change in the cast, but there will still be contract negotiations to work through.

The season finale aired on Wednesday night. The team was called to Haiti, where a four-year-old had been taken from her hotel room. It was soon clear that the parents would have put safeguards in for their daughter, knowing the darker side of the country. It also came out that the parents were there to adopt a two-year-old boy, not to help with a humanitarian project.

As the story unfolded throughout the episode, it turned out that the unsub had hidden in the girl’s closet after stealing the mom’s apartment key. The unsub then used a laundry basket to smuggle the girl out, so nobody suspected anything.

There was a darker and more devastating backstory to the unsub. This was a woman who had lost her husband, sons, daughter and granddaughter from the Haiti earthquake onwards, and was devastated by the loss. Finding out who the woman was, the team was able to locate her and get the girl back to her parents. This was not going to turn out to be another Madeline McCann case.

The team was able to fly back home after saving the day. It was a closed finale, with anything possible for the now confirmed Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Season 2.

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