Judge Killed By Javelin At Youth Track Meet

A youth sporting event in Germany turned deadly when an athletics official was struck in the throat by a javelin.

According to the Huffington Post, a 74-year-old man identified as Dieter Strack was officiating a youth meet in Duesseldorft when he was accidentally struck by a javelin. The man was rushed to the hospital but died early Monday morning.

Michael Sandforth, a spokesman for the city’s emergency services, said:

“He was hit in the head, in the cheek, and also sustained a wound to his carotid artery. He was bleeding very badly and lost a lot of blood. Our emergency doctor administered first aid and then he was taken to hospital.”

The local Duesseldorft Athletics Association said on its website:

“The popular and experienced sports judge was the victim of a tragic accident while carrying out his duties on Aug. 26… All of us who were there are horrified and in shock.”

The javelin was thrown by an unidentified 15-year-old. Police have opened an investigation into the incident but officials believe that the judge’s death will be ruled an accident. The youth who threw the javelin is currently receiving counseling after the traumatic incident.