Hillary Clinton And Ellen DeGeneres Talk Gender Politics And VP Choices; ‘Ghostbusters’ Cast Talk First Jobs

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show Wednesday, reports Newsweek, and a lot was discussed between the two.

Obviously, the current presidential election is on everyone’s minds, and Ellen decided to help Clinton out with her possible choices for Vice President. So the former Secretary of State was given two options, with two photos of possible candidates up on the screen and had to choose which one she would be more likely to pick as a running mate. It was a game playfully titled “Who’d You Rather? VP Edition.”

“This is very helpful,” Clinton told Ellen, as the audience laughed. “Don’t tell anybody, because we want it to be a big surprise.”

In a choice between Joe Biden and Mark Cuban, Clinton quickly chose Joe. Then it was Biden against Scandal star Tony Goldwyn, and Hillary Clinton jumped shipped choosing Tony and stuck with Tony over Jeff Probst as well as her opponent Bernie Sanders. Not even Kanye West could best Goldwyn. However, things quickly changed once George Clooney’s face appeared. Clinton joked that Tony could serve as VP for the first term of her presidency and Clooney could serve the second term.

Beyonce, Bradley Cooper, Leonardo DiCaprio and Chelsea Clinton also appeared as possible choices as Clinton’s running mates. Beyonce ended up getting the upper-hand as soon as her name was announced, and the segment ended with a final picture of Ellen.

Conversation then switched to something a little more serious. Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton of trying to get sympathy points by playing the woman card. Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly has called Trump out on his distasteful comments towards women, and Clinton spoke on Trump’s assertion that he would be good for the women of America.

“I would need a lot more information based on what I hear him say, because he has been very derogatory toward all kinds of women,” Clinton told DeGeneres. “He has specifically called out women by name, insulted them….But I think overall, there is just no evidence that he has an understanding of what women’s lives are like today.”

Ellen then asked the Democratic presidential hopeful if she ever thought Donald Trump would get this far in the election, and she says no, stating that the other several Republican candidates Trump ran against probably didn’t think so either. Ellen and Clinton stressed that the political campaigns have been far too harsh and cruel to one another, and argued everyone needs to be more civil and willing to hash things out like respectful adults.

Hillary Clinton assures everyone that she will be holding Donald Trump accountable for the things he has said, if they face off against one another in the general election.

Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon were up next, to talk about their new Ghostbusters reboot with Ellen. DeGeneres learned that Leslie Jones was a telemarketer for Scientology before she started working at Saturday Night Live, and Leslie didn’t look too pleased by the fact that this apparent secret had been blown. But she was able to laugh it off and confirm that it was something she needed to do to pay her rent.

“It was an easy interview,” Jones said, “I just acted crazy,” getting uproarious laughter from her co-stars and the audience.

Melissa McCarthy made sure to clarify that the new film is a reboot, and not a sequel nor a remake. “With all the love we have of the original ones, we’re taking it with new people and new circumstances,” she told Ellen.

The Ghostbusters reboot opens in theaters July 15.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]