Game Boy is 20

Bless, they grow so fast. It seems like only yesterday that Nintendo’s market-defining handheld was cradled in our clammy hands, wowing us with its four shades of “gray” and 8 kB of RAM. In fact, it was twenty years ago today (well, in the U.S. at least): July 31st, 1989.

Like most of us, it endured a difficult adolescence struggling for acceptance, as flashier versions of the original handheld appeared, but it’s always retained a special place in our hearts. Man, Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 was the daddy.

Anyhow, almost 119 million sales later (a figure that still beats the DS family) it’s celebrating the big two-oh, and quite a lot of the buggers are still going strong. Next year, it can legally drink.

Happy birthday, son. You’ve made your mother and I proud. *wipes tear away*