‘All About That Bass’ Singer Meghan Trainor Pulls Her New Video Offline, What She Doesn’t Want You To See

Meghan Trainor has never shied away from using her art to express her opinions, especially on such sensitive topics as feminism and body image. The “All About That Bass” singer, whose new album Thank You hit store shelves last week, recently ran into controversy surrounding her music. New York Daily News noted that Meghan Trainor pulled the video for her new song “Me Too” after discovering that producers had photoshopped her body to make her appear less curvaceous.

Trainor, who rose to fame singing about being big and yet still having a positive self-image in “All About That Bass,” clearly has strong convictions about this topic herself. In that song, she mentions that her mother told her not to worry about her size when she was younger, so it’s safe to say the decision to pull the video comes from a pretty personal place. Indian Express noted that Trainor wanted her music to have universal appeal.

“I want them [her fans] to say, ‘She wrote about things I dealt with. Every age I was in, I related to that.”

For those who still want to see the video for “Me Too,” it is currently on Meghan’s official website. In it, the singer dons all kinds of crazy/fun/weird costumes, from a blue pajama set with zebras on it to a hooded giraffe costume and sunglasses. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s definitely worth a look.

Meghan Trainor recently had her video for the song "Me Too" pulled when she learned producers had photoshopped her to make her appear thinner.[Image via Giphy.com]

For its part, “Me Too” has a hook that is largely about self-love, a theme that runs rampant in most of Trainor’s works. With lyrics like “I can’t help lovin’ myself, and I don’t need nobody else,” it’s pretty much a given that Meghan wouldn’t want a photoshopped version of her accompanying the lyrics.

Meghan doesn’t just preach the idea of a positive self-image for the cameras, though; she lives it. Women’s Wear Daily reported in October 2015 that the “All About That Bass” songstress had signed on to become the face of FullBeauty Brands, a plus-size clothing retailer. Her stance on these issues and her artistic talent has allowed her to step into the limelight and remain there.

Other artists such as Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez have also discussed the issue of a positive body image, though perhaps no singer has played on this theme as much as Ms. Trainor. In “All About That Bass,” Meghan proudly proclaims that she “won’t be no stick figure…barbie doll.” The song cleverly uses the “thick” sound of bass to represent the “thickness” of Meghan’s body, while a treble’s lighter sound would suggest the opposite.

Meghan’s new album is filled with heart-filled tracks on topics other than body image as well. The title track “Thank You” is a heartfelt ode to Meghan’s mother, whom she praises for always being supportive of her, while “No” is an anthem about privacy and respect.

Meghan also appeared at this year’s Billboard Music Awards, where she performed her rousing single “No” from her new album. Billboard pegged “No” at number three on their charts the week of the Billboard Awards. The song shot up from number 13 the previous week. “No” is a perfect example of Trainor’s signature sassy lyricism, coupled with a few cliches that have unexpected endings such as “my name is…no!”

Meghan Trainor signing one of her earlier hits, "Lips Are Movin", at the Jingle Ball on December 10, 2014. [Image Via Rwoan, Flickr.com, CC-BY SA 2.0]

If a raging club anthem isn’t exactly your thing, Meghan’s song “Close Your Eyes” is a far calmer tribute to the same values of self-love and respect. Those values continue to shine through in Meghan’s work today, both inside and outside the music arena. And even though she’s been catapulted to stardom, Trainor is still “All About That Bass.”

[Image Via Kevin Winter, Getty Images]