Derek Fisher Destroying Frozen Embryos Amid Divorce — New Relationship Details Inside

Derek Fisher and his ex-wife, Candace, are agreeing to some serious divorce terms. The agreement seems to point to actions at a California reproductive center.

According to TMZ, Derek Fisher and his ex-wife have decided to rid themselves of each other, as far as future children are concerned. As part of the divorce settlement, the source mentions that Fisher has decided to destroy the embryos he and his ex-wife froze for possible, future use.

Derek Fisher and Candace, both, came to this decision together. However, Fisher’s definitely paying the cost for such an agreement. Some celebrities feel that his settlement has left him financially “raped.” The source mentions that Derek has settled to pay alimony to the tune of $1.3 million per year. That approximates to $108,300 per month. Plus, regarding Fisher’s 9-year-old twins, he’ll also pay an extra $15,000 per month in child support.

Accordingly, these decisions were made “in stone” on May 24, when Derek Fisher and Candace made their divorce official. However, Fisher actually filed on March 18. The source notes that their divorce’s cause was “irreconcilable differences.” Moreover, it mentions that Derek quoted as follows regarding the divorce.

“This is a difficult time for me personally. For the sake of our children, I ask that everyone respects our privacy during this process.”

Coincidentally, this was a month after their 10-year anniversary. It was a fairly quick process. TMZ reported in April that Derek had “blindsided” Candace with the divorce topic. After serving her with separation papers, Fisher also moved all of his belongings out of the house.

Then, too, Derek ignored all of Candace’s calls and texts for approximately two weeks. The source mentions that Fisher also ignored communication with his children as well. In addition to his lack of communication, Derek had requested to retain custody of his twins in New York. However, as aforementioned, that didn’t happen.

Before news broke about Derek Fisher’s divorce filing, TMZ reported that he and girlfriend Gloria Govan were seen in public exhibiting some serious “P.D.A.” while on a lunch date in Los Angeles. However, that wasn’t the first time Derek and Govan were caught in public view, seemingly without a care for his girlfriend’s ex-husband — and Fisher’s ex-teammate — Matt Barnes.

If you watch the video below, you’ll see that Derek Fisher and Gloria Govan (along with her children) attended the Angry Birds Movie premiere together, on May 7.

Derek Fisher with Gloria Govan and Kids at Angry Birds Premiere

Along with merely hanging out with Gloria, the couple had also gone on a vacation together. However, as reports Grio, Derek specifically mentioned that she and Matt Barnes weren’t together at the time. Fisher quotes as follows.

“We were teammates, and never had any issues. We never had any real relationship off the court, either. We weren’t friends and we had no mutual friends. … When Gloria and I started dating, she and Matt had already been separated and living apart for more than a year.”

Derek Fisher continued in expressing that it was a similar situation when dealing with his now-ex-wife, Candace. Fisher mentioned as follows.

“Same thing for me. My wife and I were long separated; she was in L.A., I was in New York. Matt and Gloria were not trying to work things out, and I certainly wasn’t seeing her behind Matt’s back or in secret. The relationship wasn’t something I was trying to publicize, but it also wasn’t something I was trying to hide, either. There was no reason to.”

So, all in all, what are your thoughts about Derek and Candace’s divorce? Moreover, what do you think about Fisher’s openness about Govan? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images Entertainment]