Blake Shelton Eats Sushi With Jimmy Fallon In Hilarious ‘Tonight Show’ Video

Country boy Blake Shelton is used to eating southern food, so it’s really no surprise that he’s never actually eaten sushi. Once Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon found this out, he took it upon himself to invite Blake out for some Japanese cuisine. According to E! News, it all started with some sake… which Shelton said tasted like “Easter egg coloring.”

“Why are you doing this?” Blake asked Jimmy as the two guys sat at a table at popular celebrity hangout Nobu and waited to be served their first course.

“Because I love you—that’s all. We’re going to have fun,” Jimmy said, clearly excited for this experience with The Voice coach.

Blake Shelton was a super good sport through his first sushi experience and he ate some things that many people wouldn’t even think about eating — even those that love sushi! Jimmy kept things fairly simple to start, encouraging Blake to try a piece of pickled ginger, which is generally a staple found on the corner of most sushi plates (next to a pile of wasabi). Blake took a piece into his mouth and made a face.

“What do you think of that?” Jimmy Fallon asked.

“It kind of has the texture of pre-chewed gum,” Blake answered.

Realizing it was going to be a long night, Jimmy asks for the first course: Sushi. Rather than present Blake with a fun plate of maki rolls — perhaps some shrimp tempura covered in spicy mayo — Jimmy arranged for the real deal to be brought out. Slabs of fresh raw fish laying on beds of rice were placed in front of the country music star.

Jimmy encourages Blake to thank the server and Blake shouts across the restaurant, “Hey, can we get some more rice wine?” in his thick southern accent.

Jimmy then gives Blake an option, asking if he’d like to try the tuna or the salmon.

“Does it matter?” Blake asks, laughing. “I don’t know the difference. That right there,” Blake says, pointing his chopsticks to the tuna sushi in front of him, “looks like a human tongue.” Alas, Blake picks it up (using his chopsticks effortlessly) and puts it in his mouth.

“Texture is… Playdoh,” he says, Fallon laughing. “But, I will say this to you right now, man to man. I liked that.” Blake goes for the Yellowtail next and was quick to admit that he was less of a fan. It was time for course number two.

Blake Shelton’s sushi experience didn’t improve much as he and Jimmy Fallon were presented with sashimi.

“Hey, what could be more disgusting than raw fish?” Blake asks, looking unappetizingly at the dishes in front of him. He tried his first bite and makes a face, appearing to want to spit out whatever he just put in his mouth. Jimmy Fallon can’t stop laughing.

Blake Shelton hollers for more “rice wine.”

Shitasu is next. And then Jimmy Fallon starts getting goofy. He sings a song and then puts a piece of ginger on his upper lip and does an impression of Blake. Jumbo prawn was the next menu item. As you can probably imagine, Blake wasn’t a fan. And then came a shot of sea urchin, which Blake took down better than Jimmy!

Finally, Blake Shelton was done with sushi. Jimmy Fallon had one more thing for him to try, a Big Mac. Blake Shelton couldn’t have looked happier.

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[Photo via YouTube]