WWE News: Randy Orton Gives Update On His Return And Threatens AJ Styles

A couple of weeks ago, Randy Orton was rumored to be one of the next major superstars to be released by WWE, but that ended up as just a big misunderstanding. He’s still with the company, and fans are simply waiting to see when he ends up returning from injury which is said to be sometime this summer, but he gave an update on his return on Twitter, and he also decided to throw some fighting words toward AJ Styles.

Near the end of September last year, Randy Orton was written off of WWE television thanks to a beating at the hands of The Wyatt Family. In reality, he had some shoulder issues and needed surgery that has kept him out of the ring since then.

There were rumors the past few months that he was always “2-3 months” from returning, but with each passing month, that kept getting pushed back. Well, he decided to do a Q&A session on Twitter today, and as expected, one fan asked him when he was getting back in the ring.

That doesn’t really say a whole lot about when he’ll actually be back in the ring, but hopefully, it’s within the next month or two. That is a lot better than the rumor that he would have to have neck surgery and have to retire from wrestling entirely.

When that rumor started a few months ago, Orton laughed it off in different interviews and said there was never any truth to it. He was really banged up, but he’s well on his way to being 100 percent healed and getting back to WWE action.

wwe news randy orton injury return aj styles
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During the Q&A today on Twitter, he was asked a lot of questions, and one fan wondered what Orton thought about AJ Styles. Well, he was quite complimentary of one of WWE’s newest stars, but then he decided to throw some threatening words out there.

That is a feud that could really make for great television and pit two extremely talented wrestlers against one another. It’s a wrestling program that has obviously never happened, and one that could really make for interesting interactions and matches.

wwe news randy orton injury return aj styles
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While Orton would very well want to have a match or two with AJ Styles, he may target The Wyatt Family upon his return from injury. The only problem is that Bray Wyatt has been out of action over a month with a pretty serious calf injury, and Luke Harper has been off even longer after surgery. So, that feud may have to wait.

For now, Orton is focusing on getting back in ring-shape and returning to action. Another thing that has his attention was announced by the WWE website this afternoon when it was revealed that he and his wife Kim are expecting a baby to be born this November.

Orton will be back in the ring long before that time, though, and he’ll be able to get some time off when his baby girl comes into the world.

Randy Orton’s return to WWE is likely coming very soon, and he has said just as much, but no concrete information has been given. He believes his comeback is happening sooner rather than later, and it’s no secret that the main event talent is missed. Now, as for a feud with AJ Styles? That is something that could very well end up happening in the future, and it could make for a rather interesting program – Styles Clash vs. RKO.

[Image via WWE]