Apparently, Sansa Stark Revealed A Huge, Horrible ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spoiler In ‘The Door’ That We All Missed

Beware: You’re about to enter a Game Of Thrones SPOILER heavy zone. If you’ve not seen the most recent episode, entitled The Door, then please don’t read ahead. If you do then you’ve only really got yourself to blame.

There was one big moment in Game Of Thrones’ most recent episode, The Door, which was Episode 5 of the show’s sixth season, that overwhelmed everything else that came before it.

No; I’m not talking about Brienne of Tarth and Tormund sharing yet another flirty glance that suggested they’re about to turn The Wall into their personal sex dungeon. Unfortunately, I am talking about the death of Hodor, and the subsequent revelation regarding the origins of his name.

Because of this brutal and savage revelation, there appears to have been one aspect to The Door that we all missed out on. It turns out that Sansa Stark might be pregnant, which means that the father of her child would be the hideous Ramsay Bolton.

In The Door, Sophie Turner’s Sansa Stark finally got the opportunity to confront Aidan Gillen’s Littlefinger, who had paired her off with Ramsay in the last season despite vowing that he’d protect her.

With Gwendoline Christie’s Brienne of Tarth stood alongside her, Sansa then went into detail about how Ramsay Bolton had tortured, abused, and raped her, all while making sure that she could still provide him with an heir.

But there was one specific line of dialogue that slipped by people at the time, but suggests that things are actually much worse for Sansa. That’s because she remarked, “I can still feel what he did in my body, standing here right now.”

That suggests that Sansa Stark can feel the child of arguably Game of Thrones‘ most evil character yet. The psychotic bastard son of Lord Roose Bolton, who earlier this season killed his father, his stepmother, as well as his recently born younger brother, recently became the new Lord of House Bolton, Lord of Winterfell, and Warden of The North.

But throughout the series, Ramsay Bolton has caused nothing but turmoil because of his sadistic, unpredictable, and violent actions, which has included repeatedly torturing Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen), as well as recently murdering Osha, the wildling woman who has been protecting Rickon Stark, who he now has in his possession.

This isn’t the first time that rumors Sansa Stark is pregnant have emerged. In fact, back in February one of the first promotional photos for the sixth season of Game Of Thrones showed Sansa Stark with what appeared to be a burgeoning belly.

[Image via HBO]
This immediately led to speculation that she had in fact become pregnant with Ramsay Bolton’s child, which is exactly the kind of thing that Game Of Thrones would do to put its legion of fans in turmoil.

Luckily, fans’ fears that she might actually be with child soon dissipated after numerous other pictures of Sansa Stark in the same scene, wearing decrepit clothes and looking very much worse for wear, suggested that her clothes had just coincidentally been positioned to make it look as though she was pregnant.

However, her utterance in The Door is only likely to increase the speculation, rumors, and theories again. We’re currently at the halfway mark of the sixth season of Game Of Thrones, so we can expect many more revelations — including an answer to whether Sansa is pregnant — to emerge over the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, we can also expect minds to increasingly become more and more broken after each of these Game Of Thrones episodes. The show is just so heart-breaking but enthralling.

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