‘Law And Order: SVU’ Spoilers: Season 17 Finale Brings Heartbreak And Loss, What Can Fans Expect?

Spoilers for the Law and Order: Special Victims Unit Season 17 finale tease that there is heartbreak ahead. Viewers saw the first part of this finale last week, and things are wrapped up in the episode set to air Wednesday night. What can everybody expect from the May 25 episode?

As TV Guide teases, Brad Garrett of Everybody Loves Raymond is still involved in this one as corrections officer Gary Munson. Law and Order: SVU spoilers indicate that there will be tragedy, transition, loss, and love all woven into this Season 17 finale. In fact, showrunner Warren Leight shares that this episode will change everything.

Munson is accused of rape and the situation involving him gets complicated as the investigation into him intensifies. Law and Order: SVU spoiler previews show Benson and Dodds heading to Munson’s house, as his wife Lisa has indicated that she is being abused and needs to leave. However, when they arrive, Gary is there and things get intense very quickly.

The show’s Twitter page shares a juicy Law and Order: SVU spoiler preview. Benson and Dodds will make their way into the house, trying to keep things calm with Munson. However, things take an ugly turn, and Dodds will soon have a gun pointed at his head. It appears that Dodds is shot, but will he survive? Things are not looking good on this front, unfortunately.

In addition to the drama with Munson, Barba is getting threats against his life and Law and Order: SVU spoilers indicate that this situation escalates significantly in the episode ahead as TVLine details that Munson’s union starts to make moves against both Barba and the team. The events that transpire during this Season 17 finale are said to carry over into the new episodes beginning in the fall.

In addition to the drama ahead involving both Barba and Dodds, Law and Order: SVU spoilers share that something new about Benson will emerge as she works through the emotional challenges of this battle with Munson. It seems that whatever this new tidbit is, it will be something that is meaningful to longtime fans of the series.

Actress Mariska Hargitay, who plays Olivia Benson, teased that this will be a truly emotional finale for everybody. As E! Online shares, Hargitay recently detailed that when she read the script for Wednesday’s episode, she couldn’t stop crying. She describes it as deeply moving and inspired. She added that the big Benson reveal leads to big changes ahead.

Viewers should expect something tragic to happen, which surely seems like it may well be Dodds’ death, but something beautiful happens as well. The beautiful thing that comes together will set the stage for the next season, and Hargitay teases that it provides her with a lot of new tidbits to play with her character of Olivia Benson, and she is feeling quite reinvested in her character.

Fans may need to be left hanging at the end of Wednesday’s Law and Order: SVU finale, but luckily, there will be resolutions on the way. NBC has renewed the show for Season 18, so Benson will be back for more in the fall. Will Barba and Dodds still be around to help with the cases? That much isn’t known yet, although it is known that there is a showrunner change ahead. Warren Leight is leaving the show as the conclusion of Season 17, but the series will be continuing.

Do both Barba and Dodds survive the challenges ahead with this Munson case? What new tidbit is set to emerge regarding Benson? Fans will not want to miss a minute of this Law and Order: Special Victims Unit as this case plays out and everybody on the team faces danger and critical decisions.

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