‘The Originals’ Season 4: Will [Spoiler] Return? Hayley, Marcel, And Vincent’s Future Teased

The Originals Season 4 will not premiere on The CW network for some time. However, things will not be the same due to the events that took place during the Season 3 finale. For one, will Klaus Mikaelson return to the vampire series? The executive producer teased some information about that. Also, find out what to expect from Marcel and Vincent.

Warning: The Originals Season 4 spoilers are ahead!

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, The Originals’ Season 3 finale was shocking and devastating. While Klaus Mikaelson was locked up in a tomb, Hayley fled New Orleans with baby Hope. Besides packing up her belongings, Hayley also had caskets in the back of the moving van. So, what can fans expect when the show returns with Season 4?

“This season ends with a very different tone. By the time that we were working on the finale, we knew that we would have a Season 4, and I won’t call it a cliffhanger, but it is a completely different tone for us to part on for the season,” Michael Narducci told Entertainment Weekly. The executive producer added, “This entire season was kind of inspired by the idea of a Shakespearean tragedy, the idea that a fundamental aspect of the core cast of characters would ultimately lead to their destruction, and that fundamental aspect is family above all. Over the course of a millennium, [that] has led to a lot of enemies and a lot of hatred and a lot of animosity.”

Narducci explained that, in The Originals Season 4, the events of the season finale will try to be resolved. Not only will Hayley be on the hunt for a cure, but the question of redemption was teased.

“…it’s going to be a big part of our season 4 journey to try to overcome that and to try to understand if there is any way to redeem this collection of individuals,” The Originals executive producer teased. “Is there anything beautiful about them or all they all just villains?”

During the Season 3 finale, Vincent had some words of caution for Marcel, so where does this leave their relationships in Season 4? Narducci made it clear that Marcel is not a villain. Despite Vincent disapproving of Marcel’s actions and attitude, their relationship will be neutral. Vincent is all about protecting New Orleans and if that means siding with Marcel, then that is what he will do. On the other hand, if Vincent doesn’t agree with Marcel, then he won’t hesitate to oppose him, either.

Regarding Hayley’s storyline in The Originals Season 4, she has a big load on her shoulders. Speaking with TV Line, Narducci said Hayley‘s future moves were hinted at in the Season 3 finale. She may communicate with those in the dream world, either with her own vampire powers or by using a witch. The executive producer teased that Hayley will try to figure out how to cure everyone and there is someone she might turn to for help.

As for if Klaus Mikaelson is gone forever, don’t count Joseph Morgan out just yet. In a separate interview with Entertainment Weekly, Narducci gave some teasers on the comatose vampire.

“But now he’s going to be suffering unendurable agony for who knows how long, and when we see him again, will that choice to be selfless, which resulted in so much pain and agony and solitude — the thing that he fears most — will that actually make him even more of a monster? And remember, he won’t have Cami to help him. That’s going to be one of the great things to play,” Narducci said of Klaus Mikaelson‘s storyline. “I’m not saying that we’re going to see Klaus backslide to his most terrible version, but I’m saying that threat exists, and I’m very curious to see who Klaus will be when we see him again.”

It definitely sounds like Klaus Mikaelson will be seen in The Originals Season 4. Now the question is how, when, and what kind of man will he return as?

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