Chicago Bulls’ Rumors: Bulls To Send Derrick Rose Elsewhere

Derrick Rose’s days with the Chicago Bulls are numbered. The Bulls are preparing for his departure. Barring a sudden change of heart, or alterations to any set plans, the Derrick Rose era in Chicago is coming to an end. Bulls’ fans are headed to some difficult times, while coming to grips with the realistic thoughts of Derrick Rose playing elsewhere.

Will the Chicago Bulls trade Derrick Rose to another team, or will they let him leave as a free agent at the end of next season?

The search for answers to that question is enough to have the Bulls’ front office to endure some sleepless nights. What the Bulls are now realize is that Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler may never coexist.

In theory, the two guards should be able to work together and be in sync with one another. Both like to run with the basketball, set teammates, and run isolation plays. Rose and Butler want to be the Bulls’ go-to player. But there are similarities which the Chicago Tribune’s K.C. Johnson points out as reasons why the Bulls should trade Rose or Butler. The fact that neither of them are good three-point shooters is something that he points out as a reason why they cannot continue to play together.

It is similar to the Toronto Raptors backcourt of Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan. They have a dynamic that did not mesh well in the beginning, but Lowry and DeRozan have put any problems and chemistry struggles to the side. Now they are just two wins away from reaching the NBA Finals. If it worked for the Raptors, it should work for the Bulls. The major problem for the Bulls is that Derrick Rose is looking forward to free agency next offseason.

That leaves only one solution: Derrick Rose must go!

If anyone is debating whether it should be Derrick Rose or Jimmy Butler who gets traded, do not waste your time.

One scenario has Derrick Rose sent packing. That is the most sensible idea. Given Rose’s trade value around the NBA, it will take a creative deal to happen. This current Bulls’ regime does not get creative with their trades. Actually, the Bulls’ front office rarely make trades, opting to stay with the status quo instead.

Moving Derrick Rose will force the Chicago Bulls to take on an unsavory contract in return. One team that would make for an interesting bedfellow are the New York Knicks.

Would the Knicks be interested in a Derrick Rose and Carmelo Anthony swap? Not likely! A trade involving Arron Afflalo and Jerian Grant, with a future second round pick, works. The New York Knicks would make the trade for box office purposes and to appease Anthony.

A potential trade can also be had 90 miles north with the Milwaukee Bucks.

Derrick Rose to the Bucks for Milwaukee’s Greg Monroe is an interesting thought. It is an even trade that would help both teams. Rose would still be close to the city, as he tries to revitalize his career with the Bucks. Monroe gets an opportunity to play for a Bulls’ team that needs a center with his offensive skill set.

And there is also a possible Los Angeles Lakers deal that could happen. It is uncertain if the Lakers have anything to give the Bulls in return of equal value when it comes to salary.

Derrick Rose
The Chicago Bulls' Derrick Rose is getting ready to return to the game versus the Miami Heat. [Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images]

A Bulls trade of Derrick Rose to actually get something in return for a player who has gone on record saying that he looks forward to NBA free agency (courtesy of CSN Chicago).

The Bulls typically let their pending free agents walk without receiving any compensation in return. While most teams rebuild or retool with the help of sign and trade agreements, the Bulls just stand still.

There is a feeling that will not be the case this time. The Bulls are staring at ridicule if they stand still with Derrick Rose. Rose is a hometown player who did not profess his desire to remain in the city of Chicago. Isn’t that enough for the Bulls to jettison their point guard?

Another scenario has both Rose and Butler being sent to new teams. This would signal that a total rebuild is in progress. Do not place any bets on this coming to fruition unless the Bulls find themselves so far removed from the playoff chase at the trade deadline.

Several trades could be had here. The Orlando Magic’s interest in Jimmy Butler will likely remain, especially if the Bulls are underneath them in the standings. Orlando, and the Lakers, are possible destinations for Butler. Trading him would be the end of any possible playoff run.

A complete Chicago Bulls’ rebuild would take years. And the fans should demand better than that.

The final scenario, the most likely one, is neither of them gets moved. How the Bulls front office operates, that is the most likely scenario. If Derrick Rose is receptive returning to the Bulls, then keeping him makes sense. If he is not, they must trade him. He and Jimmy Butler can work together with some time. But it is all for nothing if he does not want to re-sign with the team. Talking about free agency two seasons early was the signal suggesting he wants to be elsewhere.

The Chicago Bulls must part ways with Derrick Rose.

[Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images]